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Trinidad Tobago

International SOS in Trinidad and Tobago: our Capabilities

If you need Emergency Assistance while you are in Trinidad and Tobago, please call the Philadelphia Assistance Centre on +1 215 942 8226

In 2016, International SOS entered into a teaming agreement with ARM Emergency Services Ltd., in Trinidad, which has been providing medical services to the Oil and Gas industry since 2005.

Through its joint ventures, International SOS provides all medical services solutions based on a very sound understanding of the local medical infrastructure and legislation. In addition, International SOS is providing assistance services, including Digital Travel Risk Mitigation (DTRM) (Travel Tracking, digital learning, etc.), from its Assistance Centre platform located in Philadelphia, to various companies in Trinidad.

Medical care in Trinidad and Tobago is not up to international standards. Evacuation to the United States should be considered for complex medical problems and all elective procedures, including most obstetrics. The best medical care in the country is in the capital city of Port of Spain. Some doctors practicing in private facilities have been trained abroad, mainly in the UK. Public hospitals are not recommended. Outside the capital city, the standard of care is limited. Food and water related infections are the most common issue affecting expatriates and travellers and a vaccination and prevention plan are critical to mitigate risks. Also planning for a range of infectious diseases such as Yellow Fever, Dengue, Typhoid Fever and Chikungunya should be considered. 

Opportunistic Street crime is the main risk to travellers and is particularly prevalent in the capital city of Port of Spain and in other urban areas. Travellers should adopt sensible security precautions at all times to reduce the risk of exposure to crime. Crime hot spots in Trinidad are Port of Spain, San Fernando, the boroughs of Arima and Chaguanas, and the San Juan/Laventille and Diego Martin regional corporations.

  • Arrangement of medical staffing (doctors, nurses, paramedics and technicians)
  • Remote site medical services support
  • Assessment of medical services and risks related with the site or project
  • Definition of response plans, protocols, implementation and operations for pandemics and infectious-contagious diseases.
  • Occupational Health, fitness for work and regulatory health advisory services
  • Pre-employment, regular, return to work medical examinations and exit medical examinations.
  • Arrangement of medical supply chain
  • Medical emergencies response plan
  • Medical evacuations and repatriations
  • Patient transfer by ground or air ambulance
  • Medical audits and assessments
  • Vaccination plans
  • Coordination of laboratory tests
  • Regular reporting
  • Medical and security assistance for domestic and international travel for local employees, expatriates and foreign personnel assigned to projects
  • Travel tracking tool
  • Health and Safety Training Programmes
  • Emotional and mental health support

Port of Spain
4 Serpentine Road
St. Clair, Port of Spain
+1 868 622 7340