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International SOS in Colombia: our Capabilities

If you need Emergency Assistance while you are in Colombia, please call the Philadelphia Assistance Centre on +1 215 942 8226

Since 2010, our medical and security operations in country are fully integrated within the International SOS global infrastructure.

The standard of medical care in Colombia varies widely. Public hospitals are not recommended as they are overcrowded and usually provide a level of care that is below international standards. Medical care in smaller cities and towns in Colombia is not up to international standards and evacuation to major city may be required for more serious medical cases.

However, major cities such as Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Bucaramanga or Barranquilla, have healthcare facilities that are internationally accredited with English-speaking medical staff and doctors trained in Europe and the United States, and are more than adequate to provide emergency stabilization and handle most medical cases. Therefore, medical evacuation from the above cities is generally not required.

Food and water related infections are the most common issues among expatriates and travelers. Routine vaccinations should be up-to-date and an education and awareness program should be provided to mitigate risks. Other common infections such as Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue, Rabies, Malaria and Yellow Fever may pose a risk and should be considered. 

Street crime, including violent crime, remains the main threat in several major cities. In some remote areas, the presence of illegal armed groups continues to necessitate the adoption of stringent travel security measures. While the overall security environment has improved substantially over the last decade, travellers are still at risk from opportunistic street crime in crowded areas such as airports, markets and on public transport. Another significant threat for travelers is exposure to other terrorist activities such as kidnapping.

  • Medical staffing (doctors, nurses, paramedics and technicians)
  • Remote site medical services support
  • Assessment of medical services, threats and risks related with the worksite or project
  • Definition of response plans, protocols, implementation and operation for pandemics and infectious-contagious diseases
  • Occupational Health, Physical Aptitude Tests and regulatory health advisory services
  • Pre-employment, regular, return to work medical exams and exit medical exams
  • Medical supply chain
  • Medical emergencies response plan
  • Medical evacuations and repatriation
  • Patient transfer by ground or air ambulance
  • Medical audits and assessments
  • Vaccination plans
  • Coordination of laboratory tests
  • Regular reporting
  • Medical and security assistance for domestic and international travel for local employees, expatriates and foreign employees assigned to projects
  • Travel tracking tool
  • Health and safety Training Programmes
  • Emotional and mental health support

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