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International SOS Podcast

The International SOS Situation Update podcast provides the latest analysis, advice and recommendations on the health and security risks impacting you and your organisation today.

With support from our global medical and security experts, we discuss the most pertinent topics impacting a workforce and provide tactical guidance on mitigating health, safety, security and wellbeing risks.

Situation Update Podcast 

Unrest in Peru - 26 January

Peru is gripped by political instability with protests for the return of their former president. This rapidly changing situation has seen adverse impact on business travellers, students and visitors travelling there. In our latest podcast, International SOS' Security Director for Assistance, Paul Doucet and Senior Security Manager, Jamie Lopez-Aranda set the context of the protests and the latest advice for anyone currently in Peru or due to travel there. They also share advice on how to navigate potentially challenging and complex situations during the protests.

COVID-19 in 2023 - 24 January

Coronavirus cases have soared in China after restrictions on daily life have been relaxed. Furthermore, in the United States, a new variant is spreading rapidly in some areas. We hear from two experts at International SOS — Dr Neil Hu, Medical Director for Medical Services in China, and Dr Ahmed Fahmy, Regional Medical Director for Asia on how COVID-19 can affect our lives in 2023 and if you’re travelling in the coming months, what should you do to stay safe.

Travel in a Post-COVID World - 23 December

Winter infections are on the rise in many countries — but medical experts are warning it is getting harder to treat some conditions. As efforts are stepped up to combat Antimicrobial resistance, we hear from Dr Irene Lai, International SOS’ Medical Director for the latest information and analysis. She shares advice for travellers this holiday season, how to avoid getting sick, and what to take with you in case you do.

Situation Update Podcast 

A Rise in Crime and Violence in Papua New Guinea - 21 December

Authorities in Papua New Guinea are being challenged with a rise in crime and violence. In this podcast, International SOS Security Manager for the ANZ Pacific region, Alex Murray, sets out the latest intelligence on the situation, gathered on a recent trip to the country. He shares advice on how to stay safe in Papua New Guinea, and the vital preparations you need to make before travelling there.

Violence in Ecuador - 15 December

Ecuador is reeling from a surge in criminality and protest activity, putting civilians at risk. International SOS Senior Security Specialist, Sara Elyoumni updates us on the latest developments of the situation, and advice for those in location or travelling to the country in the coming weeks.

Threat of a 'Tripledemic' - 22 November

As the winter months arrive across the Northern Hemisphere, and with the holiday season imminent, medical leaders in the United States are worried about the potential impact of a 'tripledemic' from COVID-19, flu and the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). International SOS’ Global Medical Director, Dr Myles Druckman, is joined by Physician Assistant Lufrano to set out the potential impact of this 'tripledemic', the likely course during the months ahead, and the steps to take to keep you and your workforce safe.

Protests in Bolivia - 17 November

As Bolivia announces their first consensus in more than a decade, strikes and roadblocks have broken out in Santa Cruz causing a stand-off with the country’s leaders. But how could these protests be resolved leading up to 2024? David Quispe, International SOS’ Lead Security Analyst for South America, explains the background to the unrest, and the impact it has had on life in Santa Cruz, and the operation of businesses there. He shares the latest advice on how to navigate the situation and keep your people safe:

COP27 Update: The Growing Impact of Global Warming - 16 November 

As world leaders gather to discuss climate change, we find out how our experts are gathering vital data on the security issues linked to global warming. Global Security Director Sally Llewellyn sets out how rising temperatures are worsening existing tensions in societies around the world, and threatening vital infrastructure. 

The Next President of Brazil - 25 October

Brazil will hold their run-off presidential election on 30 October and here's how you can help your organisation prepare for it. In our latest podcast, our experts, Michael Rogers, Security Director, and David Quispe, Lead Security Analyst, provide insight on the situation, advice on how to prepare and how to respond to several scenarios.

Situation Update: Ebola in Uganda - 18 October

A surge of Ebola cases are causing district lockdowns and growing mortality rates across Uganda. Are you in-country, travelling to the region or have people who could be impacted? In our latest podcast, our medical and security assistance experts Dr Chris Van Straten and Clive Gillard discuss how the country is battling the outbreak, what you can do to keep yourself and your people safe, and keep your business functioning.

Situation Update: Brazil Elections - 30 September

With the Brazil presidential election happening this weekend (2 October), is your organisation aware of the potential impact to your people in location? International SOS Director of Intelligence for the Americas, Michael Rogers is actively monitoring developments across Brazil and provides on-the-ground insights on the situation and precautions for your workforce to take to ensure their safety.

Situation Update: Crisis in Pakistan - 16 September

The monsoon season has brought on more pressure to Pakistan's existing economic problems as many cities in the country suffer from extreme floods and limited access to necessities. Louise Hogan, International SOS Security Manager and Dr Prabha Xaxa, International SOS Deputy Medical Director provide on-the-ground expert insights on the situation, its future developments and the water-borne health impacts that are on the rise.

Long COVID and its effects on your workforce -5 September

How much do we actually know about Long COVID? With all the uncertainties surrounding Long COVID, International SOS Group Medical Director of Occupational Health, Olivier Lo discuss the facts that have come to light, its effects on your workforce and how your organisation can prepare to support your employees.

Kenya Elections Situation Update - 4 August

With Kenya’s general elections taking place on 9th August, tensions are rising. International SOS Security Analyst, Salome Odhiambo provides on-the-ground insights on the lead up to the elections, the potential escalation triggers and what organisations with local operations should consider in the event of further disruptions.


Sri Lanka Situation Update - 25 July

Episode description: In this Sri Lanka Situation Update, International SOS Regional Security Manager, Adhiraj Mukerji, based in Mumbai, provides insights on the developing situation, how we have been supporting our clients alongside our on-the-ground network, and the potential factors that could escalate the situation. He also discusses the important advice for organisations to consider should the situation deteriorate.


Understanding Global Health Threats and Preparing for Travel - 22 July

Episode description: In this episode, International SOS Deputy Medical Director for Information and Analysis, Dr Prabha Xaxa and Public Health Coordinators, Keely Dennis and Aulia Binti Ahmad address the notable disease outbreaks across Asia, the Americas and Africa that are impacting organisations and travellers. They discuss how these disease outbreaks, alongside changing travel restrictions, has created specific precautions and tips to consider ahead of your upcoming travels.


Preparing for the hurricane season in the Americas - 5 July

Episode description: What should you be doing to prepare your business for hurricane season? Joshua Dozor, International SOS Group General Manager, Assistance Operations, Americas, provides advice on how to be ready for what could be another intense series of storms, and find out how we helped an organisation when a massive hurricane hit last year.


Monkeypox situation update - 14 June

Episode description: As Monkeypox cases are rising and appearing in locations where it is not historically been endemic, Dr Abraham Udoudom, Senior Medical Doctor in Nigeria and Chris Van Straten, Global Health Advisor in Johannesburg discuss the diseases origins and implications. 


Special Edition - Ukraine situation update - 3 June

Episode description: In this special edition of our Ukraine situation update, Mick Sharp, Group Director of Security at International SOS, reflects on the lessons learned from the first three months of the crisis, addressing the continued challenges and what may likely happen next. Deemed one of the most complex security conflicts we have supported to date, the situation in Ukraine and surrounding countries remains very dynamic as we continue to provide information, advice and assistance to our clients impacted.


Special Edition - Situation update on Monkeypox - 27 May

Episode description: What do we know about the monkeypox virus and crucially, what don’t we know yet? Dr Katherine O’Reilly, Medical Director at International SOS, shares insight on how much of an emerging global health threat it is and highlights the importance of recognising signs and symptoms as well as continuing to practice good hygiene.

Special Edition - Situation update - 30 April

Episode description: To discuss the impact the crisis has had on essential services including access to healthcare, Dr Ryan Copeland, Regional Medical Director of Assistance for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, reveals the current medical situation in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

Special Edition - Situation update - 20 April


Episode description: To discuss the current events in Ukraine and surrounding countries, Louise Hogan, Security Manager for Eastern Europe, and Central Asia at International SOS discusses how the nature of the crisis is changing and the critical role on-the-ground intelligence plays in managing such a complex situation.

Special Edition - Situation update - 11 April

Episode description: In this special edition of our Ukraine situation update podcast, Harriet Brennan, Security Manager for the UK & Ireland and Jakob Thomsen, Security Manager in Northern Europe reflect on the impact the crisis has played on organisational resilience. Both responsible for supporting our clients in managing their crisis management response, they discuss the most pertinent challenges faced thus far, the changing roles and responsibilities within a crisis management team and advice for managing the situation as it continues to evolve. 

Situation update - 3 April

Episode description: To discuss the current events in Ukraine and surrounding countries, James Bird, Security Director, Intelligence and Operations at International SOS discusses how we have been supporting our clients handle the crisis and addresses the potential impacts the conflict may have on business resilience and overall risk management in future.

Situation update - 14 March

Episode description: To discuss the current events in Ukraine and surrounding countries, James Robertson, Security Director at International SOS and Jacob Heaton, Security Manager at MedAire discuss the most recent changes on-the-ground, their forecast for the coming week as well as their advice for organisations in managing the evolving situation. 

Situation update - 7 March

Episode description: To discuss the current events in Ukraine and surrounding countries, Tyler Hosford, Regional Security Manager at International SOS, joins us on-the-ground in Poland. He discusses the notable changes witnessed over the weekend, forecast for the coming week and the recommendations for organisations in managing the evolving situation.


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