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International SOS in Guyana: our Capabilities

If you need Emergency Assistance while you are in Guyana, please call the Mexico Assistance Centre on +52 55 4166 2808.

International SOS has been providing medical support to its clients since 2016.

In Guyana, limited medical care is available in Georgetown; elsewhere only very basic healthcare is available. International evacuation is often recommended for any medical illnesses requiring hospitalisation. Food and water related infections are the most common issues affecting expatriates and travellers, and a vaccination and prevention plan are critical to mitigate risks. Also, planning for a range of other infectious diseases, such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue and Rabies should be considered. 

  • Medical staffing (doctors, nurses paramedics and technicians)
  • Remote site medical services support
  • Assessment of medical services and risks related with the site or project
  • Definition of response plans, protocols, implementation and operations for pandemics and infectious-contagious diseases
  • Occupational Health, fitness for work and regulatory health advisory services
  • Pre-employment, regular, return to work medical examinations and exit medical examinations
  • Management and handling of medical cases
  • Medical supply chain
  • Medical emergencies response plan
  • Medical evacuations and repatriations
  • Patient transfer by ground or air ambulance
  • Medical audits and assessments
  • Vaccination plans
  • Coordination of laboratory tests
  • Regular reporting
  • Emotional and Mental Health support



  • Georgetown office

    295 Quamina Street North Cummingsburg