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International SOS in Kazakhstan: our Capabilities

For medical or security assistance please contact our Dubai Assistance Centre on +971 4 601 8777.

Operating in the country for over 25 years, we have office in Kazakhstan located in Almaty, as well as two clinics located in Almaty and Astana. We provide ISO 9001:2015 certified services to a range of multinational and national corporations, particularly those in the energy, mining and infrastructure industry. We help them to meet their Duty of Care to their international assignees and local workforce through the provision of medical services and security support and information, coordinated by our network of international Assistance Centres. Individual and family pre-paid programmes for Kazakhstani citizens are available at our clinics.

All our clients benefit from:

  • International standards of care
  • Extensive knowledge of local healthcare systems
  • Use of international protocols in the provision of medical treatment and care
  • 24-hour access to medical assistance and emergency response
  • Medical supplies and procurement in accordance with international standards
  • Continuous training of medical personnel
  • The maintenance of medical and personal confidentiality

Our 24-hour aero-medical evacuation services offer the fastest response time in the CIS. We can organise a dedicated jet air ambulance, and with 24-hour online reservation connections to major airlines and agreements with their medical departments, we can also organise evacuations utilising scheduled airline flights.

Our team in Kazakhstan is highly experienced in the design, operation and management of healthcare facilities in extremely remote and logistically complex locations. Each solution is tailored to meet the client's specific requirements and budget.

Remote site services include:

  • Emergency assistance services in remote areas of Kazakhstan
  • Full-scale health programme design and management
  • Site surveys and consultancy services
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Medical staffing, emotional support and training (local and internationally sourced professionals)
  • Occupational Health programmes, health check-ups, vaccination programmes
  • First-aid kits and first-aid training for client's staff in English and Russian

For full details of all our services, please contact us.