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Indonesia overview

Established in 1985, we offer a full range of assistance services to corporations and individuals. Our clients include organizations with operations in Indonesia: energy, mining and large-scale construction, finance, banking and insurance trading, NGO, retail, and travel and tourism. Individual members include expatriates and their families and local employees.

Medical Services

We deliver primary and preventative healthcare in remote locations where there is inadequate healthcare infrastructure.

We manage over 40 sites and more than 55 work locations covering the entire the Indonesian archipelago, as well as site clinics which serve thousands of patients a month.

Our site medical services include:

  • Remote site clinics & staffing
  • Occupational and community health consulting
  • Healthcare management services (health check and vaccination programs)
  • Public health programs
  • Vector control and entomology
  • Equipment, drugs and disposable supply
  • Site surveys and audit
  • Emergency response planning and coordination
  • Medical and first aid training

We have professional medical, logistics and travel managers and medical and non-medical training staff. We also have a full team of administrative support staff, available on a full-time 24-hour basis, 365 day a year.

Assistance Center and Services

Our assistance centers are staffed with medical, security, and logistics experts to coordinate assistance and evacuations for our clients. In 2008, we handled over 70,000 cases and conducted over 400 evacuations.

During the civil unrest in Indonesia in May 1998, we supported the safe evacuation of 4,000 individuals. Our team has extensive crisis management experience, having managed evacuations for the two Bali bombings (2002 and 2005), the Marriott hotel bombing (2003), the Australian Embassy bombing (2004), the Aceh tsunami (2004), the Jogjakarta earthquake (2006), the plane crash in Jogjakarta (2007) and the Jakarta hotel bombings (2009).

More than 500,000 Indonesian and blue chip clients entrust us to manage their hospital healthcare benefits. We take care of individual and corporate health administration services and reporting for treatment at third-party hospitals and medical facilities.

We also provide medical and travel assistance as well as concierge services for platinum credit card holders.

Training Center

We offer specialized training in first aid and other medical training courses. Our training center in Jakarta is a modern classroom facility equipped with a clinic simulation, computer rooms and library. Our courses comply with international standards, including the American Heart Association and the Resuscitation Council of South Africa.

We offer hundreds of courses per year, including:

  • Level 1 First Aid Training
  • Level 2 First Aid Training
  • Level 3 First Aid Training
  • Level 3 Occupational First Aid Training
  • Child Care Provider First Aid Training
  • Occupational Health Training for Nurse/Paramedics
  • Refresher First Aid Training
  • Medical Evacuation Preparation Training
  • First Aid Post Preparation and First Aid Kits Utilization Training
  • English Proficiency Training for Nurse/Paramedic
  • Customized Training Programs

International SOS Indonesia developed 35 types of Emergency Medical Kits to support the emergency handling skills – with thousands distributed annually.

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Office information

PT. Abhaya Eka Astiti
SOS Medika Klinik Bali
Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai 505 X
Bali, Indonesia  80221  Indonesia

Admin Tel: +62 361 710 544
Admin Fax:

Office information

PKT Office
Jalan Pupuk Raya 54
Balikpapan, Indonesia    Indonesia

Admin Tel: +62 542 765966
Admin Fax: +62 542 764237

Office information
Jakarta (Cipete)

Pt. Asih Eka Abadi
JL Puri Sakti No. 10 Cipete
Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta, Indonesia    Indonesia

Admin Tel: +62 21 750 5973
Admin Fax: +62 21 750 6002

Assistance center

Open 24 hours a day
Pt. Abhaya Eka Astiti
Tel: +62 361 710 505
Fax: +62 361 710 515

Assistance center
Jakarta (Cipete)

Open 24 hours a day
Pt. Asih Eka Abadi
Tel: +62 21 750 6001
Fax: +62 21 750 6002

Clinic Information

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 24 hours
Saturday 24 hours
Sunday 24 hours

Tel: +62 361 720 100
Fax: +62 361 721 919

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Clinic Information
Jakarta (Cipete)

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 7am to 10pm
Saturday 7am to 10pm
Sunday 7 am to 10 pm

Tel: 62 21 750 5980
Fax: 62 21 750 6002

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Clinic Information
Jakarta (Kuningan)

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 2pm

Tel: +62 21 5794 8600
Fax: +62 21 5794 8686

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