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International SOS was founded in Singapore in 1985 to provide multinational companies in Asia with an international-standard of medical care  for employees travelling or living overseas. International SOS’ presence in Asia includes: Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sakhalin, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


  • International SOS chartered the first evacuation flights between mainland China and Taiwan
  • Invented the world's first Portable Medical Isolation Unit - in the fight against SARS epidemic
  • Recognised as "Top Performing Company in the category of Career Progression", 2017 - HRD Employer of Choice
  • To support our clients, International SOS operates fourteen 24/7 Assistance Centres in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

We serve clients from a broad range of industries that include: oil and gas, mining and infrastructure,  high tech, telecommunications, media, scholastics and NGOs.


Leading oil and gas companies outsource their medical and security necessities to us to meet their Duty of Care obligations. Many countries legislate on Duty of Care for the oil and gas sector and non-cooperation could carry hefty financial implications. 


Increasingly, companies from other sectors are applying the same Duty of Care policies and practices in Asia as they do in the West. As workforce mobility and diversity continue to rise, more and more organisations are working with us to develop preventive and business continuity programmes. Fulfilling their Duty of Care to their business travellers and international assignees.


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International SOS works with our clients to find unique solutions to help them mitigate medical and security risks. We offer a broad range of services from corporate membership and customisable pre-travel digital learning to bespoke consulting services, such as health impact assessments and pandemic planning. We have also developed an online travel risk mitigation tool, Tracker, which allows our clients to determine how many of their employees are in a certain location and to communicate with them immediately during a crisis. 


As a leading provider in the oil and gas sector, we are able to provide holistic medical and travel security risk solutions: including pre-employment medical services, on-site clinic services and medical evacuation response and planning.