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Clinic Care Magazine

Clinic Care, our bi-annual magazine provides our readers with interesting and informative information that promotes general health and wellness. Readers can learn and hear from our very own experts. Click here to view editions.


  • How AI is Transforming the Future of Healthcare AI in healthcare

    With the exponential growth of AI, it is now playing a leading role in the healthcare industry. What does this mean for your organisation and how can you benefit from this ever-changing technology?

  • How Does Business Travel Impact Mental Health? Mental health

    In a new study aimed at understanding the behavioural changes directly related to business trips, indicated that half of business travellers acknowledge that their stress, depression and anxiety are heightened. Learn how to support your mobile workforce.

  • Drones Deploying Medical Supplies & Care Drones

    Drones, whether used for shooting spectacular video footage or delivering packages to your home, is one of the most recent phenomena to hit the technology space. Find out how the technology is changing the way healthcare services are provided.

  • Beyond the belt and road initiative BRI

    The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aims to strengthen connectivity between China and over 70 countries. Organisations now, more than ever, need to evaluate their policies and procedures in order to provide a Duty of Care for their people.

  • Mitigating Human Capital Risks in China China OH

    With a population of over 1.4 billion people, China is an economic hub for businesses. With such growth, comes challenges for protecting the most important resource; human capital.