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Navigating a Year of Permacrisis with Expertise and Resilience


Reflecting on the events of 2023, we look back at the myriad crises that unfolded throughout the year and the unwavering dedication exhibited by our teams in assisting clients globally. The foresight and risk anticipation detailed in our Risk Outlook 2023 Report proved invaluable, with many predicted crises unfortunately becoming a reality. For a view into this year's predictions, please see our latest Risk Outlook 2024 Report

Meanwhile, for an inside look at how we supported clients in 2023, continue reading, watch the video above, or get in touch for more information.

Risk Anticipation and Response

From natural disasters to geopolitical shifts, our teams on the ground demonstrated unparalleled dedication to supporting our clients in the face of uncertainty. In early February 2023, following an earthquake in Turkey, we facilitated the safe movement of clients to Kaiseri, exemplifying our commitment to ensuring well-being amid instability. This same commitment was apparent in our country assessment of Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our on-the-ground teams proactively identified and tested an evacuation option, meticulously planning and executing the safe movement of clients to Brazzaville by boat across the Congo River.

Challenges extended to Sudan, where through our security and logistics partners on the ground, a four-vehicle convoy transported passengers across client organisations with precision. Negotiating challenging road conditions in the Gambia and Guinea Bissau, the emphasis on detailed preparation highlighted our dedication to traveller safety.

Support in Perpetual Crisis

In response to a client stranded in a fire-ridden holiday destination, we mobilised a security partner by speedboat and orchestrated secure ground movements, showcasing adaptability and a commitment to safety in challenging conditions.

Closure of airspace in Niger prompted exploration of unconventional evacuation routes, highlighting our agility in finding viable solutions for clients facing unforeseen challenges.

Whether confirming road conditions in Jerusalem or offering guidance on risk management in Ukraine, our on-the-ground expertise allows us to deliver advice, information, and essential assistance, even in the most challenging environments. 

In a year characterised by perpetual crisis, the significance of local knowledge, coupled with our top-notch security and operations experts, equipped us to provide comprehensive support, ensuring the safety, health, and security of our clients' employees. 

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