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Sudan Road Convoy April 25 2023

Case Study

Safe Evacuation of an International Assignee from Sudan During a Military Conflict



An international assignee of a Global Chemical Company needed an urgent evacuation from Sudan amidst the volatile military conflict in the country in April 2023. International SOS provided advice, support, safe transportation, accommodation, and onwards travel arrangements for the assignee’s safe evacuation from Khartoum to his home country.


On 15 April International SOS received a request for assistance from one of the world’s leading chemical companies. Their international assignee, who was in Khartoum at the time, had expressed concern about his safety due to the ongoing unrest and fighting in the area. 

We immediately contacted the individual and provided him with advice and support and since that moment maintained regular communication through WhatsApp and Teams meetings. At the same time, we were constantly in touch with the assignee’s manager, providing the latest situation updates and steps our Crisis Management Team was taking for evacuation arrangements and on-the-ground support.

The assignee was staying at the Al Salam Hotel in Khartoum but could not move due to the violence and shootings in his vicinity. The situation was becoming increasingly volatile and evacuating the assignee from Sudan was crucial to ensure his safety.


In the early hours of the Sudan Crisis in April 2023, International SOS stood up a Crisis Management Team dedicated to assisting people on-the-ground in Sudan by coordinating and working closely with the in-country providers. Our operations colleagues at the Dubai Assistance Center were an integral part of the team. Together we worked out and executed a successful evacuation plan, including moving the assignee from his hotel in Khartoum to Port Sudan by one of our Road Convoys, executed on 25 April.

Along with the Crisis Management Team in Dubai and on-the-ground providers, we arranged accommodation in Port Sudan for the assignee. We also facilitated his access to a Saudi warship heading to Jeddah.

Thanks for all your great help to get our International Assignee out of Sudan. I know we still must get him home, and I also know you have many others that you need to get out of Sudan, but for us this is great news!

Our representative met the assignee in Jeddah on 27 April and transferred him to pre-arranged accommodation. The next day our representative helped the international assignee to depart from Jeddah to his home country on a regular flight.


International SOS’s swift, efficient and well-coordinated Sudan crisis response enabled the international assignee to safely evacuate from Sudan and return to his home country. Our road convoy from Khartoum to Port Sudan, assistance with accommodations in Port Sudan, onward travel to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and onwards to his home country enabled the assignee’s evacuation to be as stress-free and safe as possible amidst the volatile situation.

The timely and professional handling of the case helped mitigate any potential harm and injury to the assignee and provided solid Duty of Care during the military conflict in Sudan.