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Case Study

Logistics Support and Evacuation from Hatay in Turkey during the Earthquake



International SOS helped a client locate and evacuate an employee from Hatay region in Turkey which was severely impacted by the earthquake. We also provided logistical support to the employee's extended family in Hatay.


As the news of the severe earthquake in Turkey and surrounding countries unfolded, our Assistance Centre in Dubai received a call from a client who needed support in searching for a missing employee. The employee was on a leisure trip to Samandag, Hatay, visiting relatives with his spouse. We were subsequently asked to assist with evacuating the couple to Istanbul and also to support the employee’s extended family members in Hatay with food and other necessities.


Having an extensive provider network, undergoing regular drills and having an established crisis response routine in place allowed our team in Dubai to respond quickly to the situation. On receiving a call we immediately identified and activated providers in Turkey who could source the required supplies at short notice and drive to Hatay region despite the challenging logistical context. The team also kept 24/7 open communication with the family, the individual’s employer, and the local provider so that all parties received regular updates on the status of the relief efforts and evacuation. 


Within 36 hours of receiving the first call from our client, we were able to successfully evacuate the couple from Hatay to Adana by road, and then arrange for their further evacuation by air from Adana to Istanbul. The couple’s relatives were provided with timely food and other necessities, helping them overcome the challenges they were facing. In supporting this effort, the individual’s employer demonstrated a remarkable level of employer duty of care towards its employee and their loved ones during their time of need.