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Medical Supply

With an unrivalled global reach, we can instigate the deployment of medical supplies, specialist medical care and equipment to meet the requirements of your preventive health programme or in support of a medical emergency.


International SOS operates globally alongside our clients and partners in the most challenging and remote environments. Having a reliable and predictable medical supply chain in place across the range of functions such as acquisition, assembly and storage, distribution and through life support is a fundamental pre-requisite to delivering effective care on a consistent basis in these environments.

At International SOS we have a global network of accredited vendors, in addition to our own in-house medical supply chain capability, managed by our Group Company, MedSupply International. MedSupply International comprises of seven medical supply wholesale distribution centres strategically located throughout the world. MedSupply International’s primary focus and expertise is on the timely procurement and distribution of quality medical supplies, including customised kits, and modular health facilities, developed in accordance to our clients’ needs.

Our clients include industry sectors such as energy and mining, government, and aviation and maritime. We leverage our unique combination of logistical skills and personal attention to source and supply high quality products from manufacturers worldwide, and dispatch them using the most economical and reliable methods available. We have the capability to assemble, manufacture and distribute customised medical kits and medical supplies in accordance with in-country regulations and individual requirements.

Our medical supply services comply with World Health Organization (WHO) standards and guidelines. We work to ensure the right procurement and distribution channels are in place to ensure that those requiring health assistance get the help they need, quickly, wherever they might be. We qualify all our suppliers to ensure we are able to in deliver quality, cost-effective and world-class medical supply solutions compliant with your regulatory requirements.

We provide best-in-class support by ensuring that the quality, speed and consistency of our services are second to none. In 2021, we supported our clients across the globe with more than:

  • +300,000

    New Medical Kits

  • +200,000

    Refurbished Medical Kits


  • Three Decades of Managed Supply Services

    With more than 30 years of experience, we operate globally – alongside our clients in the most challenging and remote environments.
  • Reliable Supply Chain

    We have a reliable and predictable medical supply chain in place, across a range of functions such as acquisition, assembly, storage and distribution – delivering effective care on a consistent basis in challenging and remote environments. Our efficient and accredited medical supply chain is integrated into every aspect of our work, enabling us to reduce health and medical risks by ensuring the successful delivery of medical kits, medication, and logistical and clinical equipment whenever and wherever they are needed.
  • Global Footprint

    Our Medical Supply Services team has been supporting organisations operating in more than 900 remote and isolated geographic locations that often lack proper medical infrastructure.