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Case Study

Facilitating the Delivery of Vital Medical Supplies to Papua New Guinea (PNG)



International SOS successfully orchestrated the procurement of over 600 items of medical equipment, consumables, and disposables, followed by the comprehensive management of end-to-end logistics, installation, and training for a hospital located in the remote Laiagam region of Papua New Guinea (PNG).  


Collaborating with the Asian Development Banks and the local Ministry of Health (MOH), we undertook the challenge of bolstering compromised healthcare infrastructure and improving access to primary healthcare in the geographically isolated Laiagam area. Situated many miles away from any medical assistance, the region urgently required a partner capable of swiftly delivering life-saving medicines, sourcing products from diverse countries, and safely navigating the complexities of the operational environment in these challenging locations.


Drawing upon our extensive experience in supporting global health initiatives and delivering critical medical supplies to remote and demanding locations worldwide, International SOS devised a comprehensive solution. We meticulously managed complex end-to-end deliveries, procuring high-quality medical supplies from cost-effective sources across multiple countries.

Our strategy involved consolidating product lines at strategically positioned logistics hubs in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Port Moresby. We collaborated closely with the Ministries of Health to ensure the successful one-time delivery, encompassing installation and training.

To date, we have engaged with 60 suppliers in eleven countries, facilitating the delivery of more than 600 product lines of medical equipment, consumables, and disposables through eight containers consolidated in Port Moresby. Our commitment extended to overseeing the entire operational execution, guaranteeing that the medical supplies reached their ultimate destination and were entrusted to skilled medical personnel on the ground.

Additionally, International SOS faced the unforeseen challenge of a three-month lockdown in the ENGA province of PNG, characterised by the declaration of a province-wide conflict zone, curfews, and travel restrictions. Leveraging our group security expertise and capabilities, we skillfully navigated this situation, ensuring not only the safety of our project team but also safeguarding the goods by providing security escorts for the containers, thus upholding our commitment to timely delivery.


Understanding the context, our teams worked diligently to maintain the integrity of the supply chain through consolidation and meticulously planned coordination. As a result, we successfully completed the entire delivery within a 12-week timeframe. Our unwavering commitment to transparent communication, which included continuous updates to the funding agency and local team, ensured a seamless and efficient handover process, ultimately serving the healthcare needs of the local community without any disruptions.