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We provide a one-stop-shop medical supply solution for organisations that prioritise the health of their staff operating in remote and unfamiliar locations. Our Medical Supply Services team can help you to keep your employees healthy and safe, so you can focus on your core business activities. With an unrivalled global reach, we can manage the deployment of medical supplies, specialist medical care, and equipment to meet the requirements of your preventive health programme, or in support of a medical emergency. 

We offer a comprehensive set of medical kits and modules developed by health professionals with extensive experience in healthcare, remote medical support, and security assistance. We specialise in configuring customised solutions to meet your workforce’s health needs wherever they are in the world, catering to their occupational environments. Specific to your needs, we oversee procurement of the required medical supplies, and manage all orders from purchase through to delivery.

Setting up and supporting a vessel’s sick bay five days from enhanced medical support is very different from setting up and operating an on-site clinic at an R&D centre in Mumbai. Yet we have experience of both.

International SOS supports the fight against malaria in Africa

As an organisation that operates in many locations where malaria is endemic, we believe that prevention can make the difference for future generations in Africa. For the past 30 years, International SOS has partnered with clients and public authorities in Africa to help protect communities, workers, and travellers against this infectious disease.

Through our expertise, we have successfully implemented malaria vector control programmes and awareness campaigns that help protect communities across the continent.

Each World Malaria Day we reiterate our support for malaria awareness and prevention by purchasing malaria bead bracelets for our various global offices, as well as for our clients, to raise funds for the fight against malaria. The handmade bracelets are bought from a non-for-profit organisation called Relate, based in South Africa. Part of the proceeds generated will fund malaria awareness and on-the-ground elimination programmes in Africa.

In addition to these initiatives, our different offices and clinics across Africa will also hold awareness sessions for employees and clients, sharing useful information on how to prevent malaria.

girl reading a malaria booklet malaria beads bracelet