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We support your global teams with travel risk management, verified intelligence and crisis response.

Global Security Solutions

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We provide comprehensive security solutions to ensure your global teams are prepared for layered threat environments and feel supported wherever they are. Our tailored services include the latest advisory updates, travel risk management plans, and secure transportation, delivering assistance anytime, anywhere.

  • Expert Advice

    24/7 access to requests for information and advice from our team of highly trained medical, security and logistics experts equipped with local experience and knowledge.
  • Journey Management

    Plans and protocols to reduce travel-related risks for your team. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your people arrive safely at their destinations without any disruptions.
  • Security & Safety Assessments

    Identify, analyze and recommend safe and secure locations for your organization to stay.
  • Executive Protection

    Security and risk mitigation measures to ensure the safety of individuals who may be exposed to elevated levels of personal risks.

Assess Your Risk

Benchmark your travel risk management program to ISO31030 with our free assessment. The tool provides an understanding of your current organization's maturity and potential areas for enhancement across five categories:


  • Travel risk strategies & protocols
  • Travel risk assessments
  • Travel risk mitigation
  • Program monitoring and review
  • Program recording and reporting


Our expert analysts deliver actionable security intelligence to support your critical decisions and ensure business continuity. Operating from advanced intelligence centers worldwide, we provide insights that safeguard your operations and keep your people safe.

Global Threat Monitoring Centers carefully examine emerging threats that can impact your people and your business operations. We produce real-time alerting to people and risk managers in any affected areas.

Regional Security Centers leverage local regional expertise, local credentialed networks and structured analytical techniques to produce actionable and insightful forecasts to guide operational preparedness.

Intelligence analysts provide real-time impact assessments and monitor emerging events for your organization. We leverage proprietary tools to provide accurate details of potential risks to your people and assets.

Our team of security experts all leverage the latest detection and collection mechanisms. They are trained in verification and assessment techniques to produce intelligence that is reliable, vetted and actionable.

How CSOs Rely On Our Trusted Intelligence

Eduardo Jany, Chief Security Officer at News Corp shares his insights on the topic of Insider Threats and shares how our intelligence solutions help to support critical tactical, operational and strategic decisions for News Corp


"International SOS provides us with fantastic resources that help us stay up to date, proactively aware on threat trends, concerns and resources everywhere we operate or happen to travel globally." Eduardo Jany, CSO - News Corp

Watch Full CSO Interview Series


Our 27 Assistance Centers are staffed with medical, security, operations and logistics experts who are trained to plan, organize and execute the simplest to the most complex evacuations to keep you and your people safe.

Out global teams and partners seamlessly manage the planning, authorization and delivery of assistance to your organization. We ensure proactive outreach to your team throughout the life of your case, until your people are safe.

Our 14 Global Security Centers are focused on maintaining readiness for the worst case scenarios where your organization has exposure. If you require assistance, we will create and execute a Plan of Action specific to your organization.

Since 1985, we have been helping clients respond effectively to security incidents and crisis that can adversely impact your people and business operations. We continue to enhance our security staff and capabilities to act as a force multiplier for your organization.

Our integrated team of experts allows us to execute the most complex missions at scale. Our Medical, Security and Operational assistance teams and leaders sit side-by-side in all of our 27 Assistance Centers to support our clients.


Our global team of Health and Security Consultants bring decades of experience across industries, regions and specialisms. Their advice is actionable as they draw from their deep knowledge and experience in providing health and security services on the ground in complex, remote or high-risk environments.

  • Event Support

    Comprehensive support for your events to ensure safety and security in changing environments. Our services include on-site security coordination, real-time threat monitoring, and logistical support to accommodate any scale of event worldwide.
  • Crisis Management

    Our expert team delivers proactive and reactive solutions to manage crises effectively. We develop bespoke strategies to prepare for potential scenarios, offer realtime response capabilities, and ensure minimal disruption to your operations.
  • Risk Assessment

    We specialize in developing robust evacuation plans tailored to your specific needs. Our approach includes risk assessment, scenario planning, and logistic coordination to ensure rapid response and safety during critical incidents.
  • Evacuation Planning

    Our assessments are designed to identify vulnerabilities, suggest practical mitigation strategies, and provide ongoing support to safeguard your operations against evolving threats.