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Supporting Our Client Through a Wave of Unrest in Senegal Case Study Header

Case Study

Supporting Our Client Through a Wave of Unrest in Senegal



During widespread demonstrations in Senegal, International SOS assisted a large offshore drilling company with keeping their workforce safe and their activities running in the country.


In 2021, Senegal was rocked by a wave of unrest with days of demonstrations across the country. These incidents were affecting areas close to our client’s offices and turned into fatal unrest – supermarkets and fuel stations were looted, and the motorway to the international airport was blocked. Our client wanted to ensure the security of its personnel and the safe continuity of its activities in the country.

The client’s Director of Global Security who oversees many of the company’s sites across the world needed a reliable security advisor with both local expertise and an understanding of the oil and gas industry’s security standards.


Our security experts for the region defined a precise escalation matrix for our client, with a list of potential events and incidents that might interrupt their activities and cause harm to their workforce, along with a list of actions that would need to be taken. The client was further reassured through the setting up of a security evacuation plan for their workforce in case of an escalation in tensions across the country.


By partnering with International SOS on a bespoke security solution, the client’s Director of Global Security was able to focus on strategic security projects for the company while ensuring that the plan provided met with the global standards of the oil and gas industry and included local expertise of the security environment. Our client was able to keep their workforce safe and maintain their operations.