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Reflecting on a Changing Risk Landscape | A CSO Interview Series

Where we bring you candid conversations with leaders at the forefront of global security.


A Look Ahead with Leading Chief Security Officers

We have traveled across the United States to provide you with the most up-to-date insights on critical global corporate security issues. Through a series of in-depth interviews, we have engaged with Chief Security Officers from some of the world's largest organizations and leading educational institutions. These conversations offer valuable perspectives on the current security landscape, challenges, and innovative strategies being employed to safeguard people and operations.

Episode 1 - Insider Threats

With Eduardo Jany, CSO at News Corp

In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Eduardo Jany, Chief Security Officer at News Corp on the topic of Insider Threats.


  1. Why would you say insider threats are on the rise globally?
  2. The role of Social Media
  3. Corporate espionage
  4. What policies and protocols your organization put in place to mitigate insider threats?
  5. How can you manage to balance monitoring for threats with growing employee privacy concerns?
  6. How International SOS supports News Corp for the past 11 years.


"International SOS provides us with fantastic resources that help us stay up to date, proactively aware on threat trends, concerns and resources everywhere we operate or happen to travel globally." Eduardo Jany

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Episode 2 - Risk-Aware Travel Culture


With Lewis Rice Jr., Senior Vice-President - Global Security & Trademark Protection at The Estée Lauder Companies

In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Lewis Rice Jr., Senior Vice-President - Global Security & Trademark Protection at The Estée Lauder Companies on the topic of Fostering a Risk-Aware Travel Culture.


  1. How does your organization create a culture of travel risk awareness for all profile types?
  2. What techniques have you used to increase employee adherence to travel policies? Have you encountered any common challenges in ensuring compliance.
  3. What advice can you share on risk communications best practices?
  4. How is this applied when organizing internal events where travel is required?
  5. How do you see having a partner like International SOS benefitting organizations in building and maintaining a robust risk-aware travel culture?


"International SOS is an invaluable resource that I've frequently utilized. What sets it apart is its 24/7 availability. When I call, it's promptly answered, connecting me with an analyst specialized in the relevant region. They distill our conversation into two concise paragraphs, offering real-time insights beyond what's reported in the news. With Intl.SOS, I have global access from my office in New York, making it an unparalleled system." Lewis Rice Jr.
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Want to share your thoughts & insights?

We invite you to be part of a future episode. If you are a Chief Security Officer or hold a senior security role within your organization or educational institution, we would be honored to feature your perspectives and experiences. Fill out the form below to be contacted.