We can help you achieve your goals by preparing your employees for layered threat environments, helping them to feel supported and productive, and providing them with assistance whenever they have a question, concern or crisis. Anytime, anywhere. We help to keep them healthy and safe, so you can focus on your core business activities.

Your organisation’s risk profile is unique. Comprised of:

  • A diverse workforce with differing personal risk profiles. Denoted by variables such as: underlying health issues, experience in location, gender, age, disabilities and sexual orientation.
  •  Operations in locations with varying health and security threat levels. For example, you could have offices and sites in France (low medical & security risk) and Nigeria (high medical & security risk).
  • A range of job roles that present evolving health and security risks: office/home working, international assignments, national & international business travel, and site-based workers.


A corporate solution that supports workforce resilience

  • Understand your organisation’s unique risks so you can be better prepared.
  • Minimise business disruptions.
  • Ensure employees’ awareness of health and security risks.
  • Establish a complete response structure, should anything happen.
  • Offer employees cost-effective and worry-free management of medical care abroad.
  • Comply with your Duty of Care requirements.
  • Be an employer of choice to attract and retain talent.

Key components of our solution

  • Expert-led first call (security and medical professionals are on the call directing the care and services to you) – security resolve without business disruption in more than 81% of cases.
  • One-stop shop solution to support all employees (one number, 24/7) for easy/quick access.
  • Updates, alerts and location information is easily accessible via our assistance app and a website we set-up and maintain for you by our experts.
  • Your global footprint within Tracker, so you receive a complete picture of your risks on a daily basis. Managers are immediately notified when there is direct staff exposure to emerging threats via Tracker’s proactive alerts.
  • Employees automatically receive email location advice advisories.
  • Webinars, specific communication plans and websites on emerging risks are arranged throughout the year.
  • A global network of accredited providers ensures we have ‘boots on the ground’ to support you should you need it.
  • We coordinate with your insurance policies through Direct Billing Agreements for ease of administration.
  • Our Risk Policy Advisory service supports you in the building of your policies and procedures.

For more information, see detailed global risk mitigation programme.