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Embarking on a space mission comes with its fair share of challenges, exacerbated by the often remote and unfamiliar nature of the launch site, supply chain failure, unfavourable weather conditions or any technical issues that may occur during the launch sequence.

But what about the health and safety context? How do you address the lack of localised medical infrastructure and emergency response capabilities? Incidents or medical emergencies have the potential to disrupt and jeopardize a mission’s success. This may even involve reputational harm resulting from mission disruptions, fatalities or catastrophic events. 

We understand the unique needs of our clients and the risks and pain points associated with space missions. We provide the full range of medical services, including health consulting, 24/7 assistance, medical staffing and health support, and aeromedical and security evacuations from austere launch and recovery sites. Our expeditionary medical capabilities enable you to conduct space missions with health and safety firmly at the centre of every phase.

Our teams are highly trained to identify and stabilise situations requiring immediate medical attention as well as provide routine primary care to avoid costly disruptions to the mission. You can expect a greater return on investment for less than 1% of your mission costs.

As space launches and recovery missions take place in remote locations with unique environmental conditions, the potential for medical emergencies is a genuine risk.


These incidents range from mere inconveniences to life-threatening situations, making swift medical intervention critical to prevent severe, mission-halting events.

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Comprehensive Support at Various Stages of Your Mission


    Preparing for a medical emergency before space launches can help prevent the situation from becoming life-threatening. Identifying potential risks and ensuring that the necessary medical supplies and equipment are on hand can help stabilise a patient and provide timely medical care.

    You are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of onsite engineers, technicians and astronauts. Our teams provide round-the-clock primary and emergency care and access to global medical capabilities, telemedicine, and coordination with local authorities as needed.

    We offer a range of medical support solutions for the last leg of your space launch missions, from stabilising patients to providing follow-up care and post-mission evaluations. We also support our clients with reputation management, care for hospitalised survivors, and assistance with search, recovery, identification and more.
Our services are supported by 27 Assistance Centres worldwide with a global network of medical advisors whenever and wherever you need them.
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