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Traveller at airport wearing mask

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Top Five Tips for Staying Safe During Festive Travel

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As the festive season is almost upon us and the potential of travel to see family and friends opens up across the UK, International SOS highlights the importance of the getaway and urges organisations to support their employees with safe travel tactics.

Dr Mark Parrish, Regional Medical Director at International SOS comments,

The pandemic environment is impacting mental health and organisations anticipate that this will effect productivity in 20211. A Christmas getaway could be a positive boost but we urge employers to share best practice to help employees enjoy the festive period stress-free and safely. The virus doesn’t have a holiday and risks don’t go away; in fact it gets greater with fewer restrictions. Please be careful and don’t forget the simple measures to decrease COVID-19 risks…masks, social distancing, hygiene, avoiding crowds…and don’t drop your guard over the holiday period.”


Top Tips for Safe Festive Travel

  1. Remember - mask, avoid crowds, hygiene, social distance.
  2. Be Flexible and have a safety net - Keep departure and return as flexible as possible and make sure to leave plenty of leeway around events in case of travel delays or cancellations. Have contingency plans in place in case rules change or you have to self-isolate.
  3. Be Travel Timing Savvy – Allow extra travel time. It’s likely to be busy in stations and on the roads as we all want to take advantage of ‘Christmas bubbles’, allowed 23 – 27 December. Consider departing early in the morning or late at night to avoid peaks. Make sure you can stay safe in crowded public spaces by wearing a mask and keeping at least 1 meter apart wherever possible.
  4. Fly Safe - If you are flying, make sure you know which COVID-19 tests are required in advance, requirements while on-board and on arrival. Make sure to have a change of mask for longer journeys.
  5. Eat, drink and be jolly informed - Make sure you are aware of any restrictions (such as you can’t go into a restaurant or pub with your bubble) to avoid disappointments. If you’re travelling outside of the Christmas bubble, know what tier your destination is in.
  6. And again…always carry a mask and hand sanitiser!

Traveller at airport wearing mask

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