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Press announcement

Supporting Your Employees in Lebanon

Due to the persistent cross-border hostilities and tensions with Israel, the operating environment in Lebanon is highly unstable. As infrastructure within Lebanon remains fragile following an extended economic crisis compounded by the recent pandemic, any disruption of essential services could generate significant strain on the public sector. This includes the transport, logistics, and healthcare sectors.

Therefore, our latest advice to organisations is to defer all travel to Lebanon and evacuate staff while commercial aviation options remain available.
We encourage our clients to sign up for our latest situational alerts via email, through the Assistance App, or via our Online Portal and regularly visit our podcast page for the latest updates on the situation.
Our extensive, and most recent, experience operating in conflict zones includes numerous workforce evacuations from Ukraine, and Sudan as well as the provision of ongoing support to organisations throughout the current Israel – Hamas conflict. We understand the challenges facing this type of operation, especially when the situation on the ground remains dynamic.
For media queries please refer to our media contacts page and contact the relevant media contact.