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Complexity of Travel


The risk paradigm has changed. Over the last year we have seen how debt, war, disease and inflation has fundamentally changed the risk landscape of business travel - both domestically and internationally. 85% of risk professionals agree the world has become more dangerous over the past twelve months - the highest percentage since we started asking the question in 20141. Employees now expect a heightened level of support, with travellers being 2.1x more likely to call us for advice or assistance than pre-COVID. We continue to support our clients through uncertain times, helping them keep their  global workforce safe in a world of altered risk profiles. 

At the same time when we surveyed 1200 senior risk professionals across the globe 84% reported their employees appetite to travel is linked to the level of support their organisation provides to travellers.

  1. Risk Outlook Report 2023

How we can help

  • Preparation

    With up-to-date, real-time information, COVID Trip Planner provides a straightforward understanding of travel restrictions and requirements for specific trips based on a traveller’s personal passport and vaccination status, as well as travel rules by destination, quarantine mandates, and other COVID-related considerations.
  • Prevention

    Our Tracker‘s Communication Module allows you to communicate easily with your people who are within the area of incident impact through multiple channels. Including those working and living in the incident area, and those who are visiting or about to travel there. In the critical moments following an incident, Tracker helps you to contact potentially impacted people to quickly determine their safety and wellbeing. You can manually send out your own communications via email, SMS, or text-to-speech using our Communications module.
  • Support

    Our Assistance App is an essential tool for preparing, informing and keeping your workforce safe. No matter where your people are working or travelling to, they will be able to access the latest health and security advice. And if they should need Assistance from one of our experts around the world, it’s one tap away.
We are there to support you at every stage of your return to travel plans.
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Helping you Stay Compliant
  • Evaluate your travel risk policies and receive expert advise on how to address your gaps.
  • Ensure you are staying compliant by adopting an integrated compliance solution.
  • Assess the risk for the location where your people intend to travel (including COVID-19 impact).
  • Assess the risk profile of your traveller (mental health, COVID-19 risk etc.) 
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Fulfilling your Duty of Care
  • Assist your people with COVID-19 arrangements pre, during and post travel (testing, vaccines, quarantine, etc.)
  • Provide medical and security support on the ground and evacuate if needed.
  • Support the emotional and mental health wellbeing of your travellers.
  • Provide 24/7 assistance to your travellers, to give them peace of mind about any challenges they may face. 
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Taking Informed Decisions
  • Stakeholders responsible for travel have access to the latest advice on risks.
  • Managers responsible for travel can update policies and assessments accordingly and inform relevant stakeholders.
  • Travellers and managers are advised about the latest developments in countries.
  • Our team of experts can advise on a COVID-19 travel safe solution, which incorporates compliance monitoring.
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