Security Consulting

COVID-19, among other global crises, has created significant challenges for organisations. The social, political and economic implications continue to vary and add complexity when protecting the safety of your people and ensuring operational resilience.

Our security experts, with a diverse background of ex-government, NGO, police, rescue services, and operational intelligence, understand the unique security threats and risk challenges wherever they are, even in the most remote and fragile environments of the world - on land, at sea or in the air.

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An effectively developed workforce risk preparedness programme is fundamental to ensuring the safety and security of your people. Our global team of security consultants are on hand to provide tailored advice, recommendations and executable plans to help protect your diverse workforce. 

We understand that a “one policy fits all” approach cannot be taken when it comes to ensuring business resilience. Through training, policy advice, return to travel solutions, risk assessments and tactical intelligence, our team create a customised solution best suited for your organisation. 


Leverage the expertise of our security experts to meet the health, safety and sustainability needs across the entire lifecycle of your business and meet your Duty of Care obligations.


  • The Need: Our client was challenged with managing their security and supporting staff as they travelled to developing and remote locations. Their goal was to address potential security gaps in their plans and procedures.


  • Our Offer: Our security experts carried out a full assessment of the client's maturity level in managing risks to its mobile workforce which highlighted the need to have access to timely and accurate information and intelligence.

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  • The Need: Our client had growing concerns regarding the large number of potential unreported COVID-19 cases in Laos and how that could impact their multiple sites. 


  • Our Offer: Our security experts delivered emergency preparedness planning alongside their key stakeholders to identify precautionary actions they should take, how to identify indicators of a deteriorating environment and the appropriated stand-fast protocols to assist with evacuations.

    Read the full case study.


Watch our special briefing on the geopolitical shifts in the Middle East and the global impact of recent events. The video provides our assessment on the situation, areas for potential escalation, and crucial advice on how to build resilience to the risks.

For our latest intelligence, you should refer to our most recent alerts or speak to our security teams around the world.


To protect the safety of a workforce, organisations should ensure that employees based in areas at-risk from natural hazards should be briefed on what to do in the event of an emergency, and understand the support available and its limitations.

For people in some locations, formal training might be necessary, including first aid and the use of emergency equipment.

the international sos security difference

  • Specialist insight and analysis: access to over 3,200 dedicated security experts through 11 Security & Intelligence operation centres.

  • Supporting readiness and resilience: optimal preparation through preventative assessments, the development of security risk policies, and evacuation plans.

  • Technology: latest technological solutions for security training, as well as location monitoring and communication with the mobile workforce.

  • Global footprint: efficient and swift support for our clients on the ground through our partner network of almost 90,000 credentialed providers.

  • Local expertise: our experts speak over 60 languages, have all lived and worked in the regions they manage. Their extensive experience includes: analysis, commercial security, crisis management, logistics, and operational intelligence.

  • One solution partner: medical and security risks most often come hand in hand. Through our alliance, clients have one point of contact for all issues concerning workforce resilience.