Health Clearance

Mitigating personal health and destination risks, prior to being deployed, creates a strong return on investment.  eMedFit is a web-based health screening programme that provides personnel a fast and easy way to review their health and destination risks prior to departure.

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Minimising foreseeable health risks not only satisfies duty of care but helps safeguard your investment. Failed international assignments are expensive. Medical evacuations add to this cost and also impact your reputation. Unfocused pre-assignment medical checks are costly and time consuming. A deep understanding of the destination risks is required.

By reviewing both personal health risk factors and country medical risks, you are mitigating your risk exposure to maximise the chances of your personnel’s assignments running smoothly, delivering as expected. By identifying health issues prior to departure eMedFit programmes provide you with a clear focus on prevention. 

eMedFit programmes deliver:

  • An easy-to-use web-based medical screening application that reviews personal health and destination specific health risks
  • Tailored medical questionnaires aligned with your company needs
  • Tailored portal hosting your questionnaire
  • Optional approaches to delivering medical follow-up
  • Global coordination of appointment administration
  • Annual health trend reporting and secure medical data storage. 
To ensure eMedFit is aligned with your needs, our Occupational Health physicians will assist in designing suitable medical questionnaires. For those identified as higher risk, eMedFit includes alternative approaches to the medical follow-up. These options cover identifying the right health provider, scheduling appointments and reviews. eMedFit is a managed programme that delivers effective pre-departure screening by using a blend of automated online tools backed up with administrative and health expertise. This mitigates foreseeable health risks that may affect assignees and your business, all without the costs of unnecessary medical examinations.