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Ukraine security

Supporting your Employees in Ukraine and Bordering Countries

The situation in Ukraine remains fluid. For clients with operations in Ukraine, our advice is: 

  • Those who have the opportunity and ability to relocate from areas experiencing combat operations and can sustain themselves (access to food, water, medication and fuel, as relevant) during the journey should move as soon as possible to a south-western province (Zakarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv or Ternopil province, by order of preference). Movement poses significant risks due to the security environment, long journey times, weather, limited availability of support and high demand for accommodation and essential goods. 
  • Shelter in place if you are in immediate proximity to ongoing armed clashes, air raids or artillery shelling or at the launch of a public raid siren and prepare to move as soon as feasible.
  • If unable to relocate, prepare to shelter in place for extended periods of time with limited potential for support. However, remaining in areas under siege for potentially weeks or months will pose serious risks due to the increased potential for and impact of indiscriminate military targeting, infrastructure damage, shortages of essential goods and suspension of public services. 
  • Abide by official directives, including those on local emergency and evacuation procedures, movement restrictions, curfews and road closures. 
  • Remain apprised of the latest developments via verified sources, including International SOS alerts, diplomatic missions, and local contacts. Do not act upon unverified information.


Useful Resources

International SOS continues to monitor the situation closely and provides regular updates to its clients via email alerts, through the Assistance App as well as our online portal.
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Providing Emotional Support to Employees in Ukraine

International SOS can provide emotional support to international assignees as well as domestic employees in Ukraine. Sessions are delivered by a certified counsellor and are tailored to your employees’ needs; they can be conducted via phone, video call, or face-to-face. 

Latest Insights on the Situation in Ukraine

Our Security Centers provide intelligence reporting through our standard alert structure. Our dedicated analysts team is scanning the security environment 24/7 for a potential escalation. The teams continues to monitor the situation closely and provides regular updates via our Ukraine email alerts, through the Assistance App as well as our online portal. 
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Incident & Crisis Response

Knowing when an incident happens is important. But having a way to quickly and accurately respond and communicate is critical to ensuring the health and safety of your people. During the first moments following a crisis or security incident, quickly understanding the impact that the crisis might have on your people, being able to communicate with them and assisting them make a real difference. International SOS enables you to respond within the golden-hours of a crisis. 
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Incident Management Team

While our IMT has now departed Ukraine, it is maintaining situational awareness and verifying information to include in security alerts and case responses. If you require urgent support please contact your nearest Assistance Centre.

“At the corporate level, F5 has partnered with International SOS to provide complimentary access to mental health counselors for our employees, contractors and their families located in Ukraine and Russia.” 


— François Locoh-Donou, CEO, F5, Seattle, Washington, United States

Need Urgent Advice?

If you are an existing client with a medical or security question/concern, please visit the subscriber portal, download the Assistance App or call one of our Assistance Centres for support.


Should you be new to International SOS and would like to speak with our experts on how we can support, please email us.