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How COVID-19 Affected Corporate Return to Travel Plans


The routine nature of corporate travel came to a shuddering halt when the COVID-19 pandemic caused global lockdowns and travel restrictions.

As a result, many businesses had to quickly pivot to working remotely, and offering and attending virtual meetings and events. 

Over two years on and many industries, including travel and hospitality, are still recovering from the impact of COVID-19. However, the return to travel rates are improving as organisational resilience is front of mind for global leaders. 

Alongside business resilience, traveller confidence is also on the rise. This is due to the easing movement restrictions and lifting of many COVID-19 testing and vaccination requirements. Where COVID-19 vaccination status and pre-departure testing are still required,  improved testing availability and turnaround times have improved confidence in pre-trip travel


A spotlight on health risks 

The pandemic, and its residual impact on organisations and communities alike have highlighted the global importance of prioritising health risk management. 

Airlines and airports have implemented new and improved cleaning, air purification and other transmission prevention measures.

Organisations are mandating pre-trip training to address the health risks and drive awareness of protective measures.

Those needing to travel, both for business or leisure, are more aware of the risk of infection and how to prevent it, with keeping vaccinations up to date, wearing a mask and employing general hygiene measures. 

We are still learning about COVID-19, how it is transmitted, why some people get infected while others do not, ongoing mutation and the emergence of new variants. We are also improving our ability to prevent and treat the disease.

businesswoman travelling with mask  

Being travel ready 

COVID-19 alongside other diseases and security risks have heightened the need for preparedness ahead of any trip. Regardless of the location, prevention is key to minimising the risk of incidents while abroad. 

From compliance tracking to training, your travellers should be prepared and confident ahead of a trip.

Avoid risks and trip disturbances with the International SOS Assistance App. Customised, pre-trip checklists, tailored to their location, help travellers avoid delays. App users can research their destination(s) to better understand entry requirements, including COVID-19 vaccinations and any developing situations that may affect their health and safety.

Ahead of an approved trip, your travellers should be appropriately trained to ensure they review and understand the notable risks of the destination, even for locations assessed as having an overall low medical or security risk environment.  Our digital learning portfolio offers peace of mind to know your people are prepared.  


How we can support you

International SOS has been at the forefront of supporting organisations optimise their travel risk management plans for over three decades. Our pre-trip planning and compliance services enable a streamlined and centralised process for your people travelling. It ensures your travel security and health policies are met while allowing travellers to plan ahead. Helping you save time and money while strengthening your Duty of Care obligations. For the most up-to-date COVID-19 information, visit our dedicated pandemic website, regularly monitored and updated by our medical experts.  

If you are returning to travel for business, our network of 13,000 security, health, logistics and digital professionals can assist you.