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Case Study

Holistic Medical Services to a Multinational Oil and Gas Company in Mauritania and Senegal



International SOS provides onshore and offshore medical services to one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies in Mauritania and Senegal for its project off the coast of these two neighbouring countries. We strategically support the client through the project’s various phases. With our medical support, our client is able to comply with the stringent health and safety requirements of the oil and gas industry. Our teams of experts deliver quality medical services that meet the highest international standards, in line with local legislation.


From the initial phases, a strategic review conducted with the client indicated a lack of international standards of medical care within the countries of operation. Both national employees and international assignees needed to access primary and emergency care, while the client’s duty of care mandated reliable occupational health reviews.

As the client’s project progressed, their medical needs became more complex – they had to now look after the health of their employees both onshore and offshore. As such, they required a healthcare partner who could also support them when mobilising their crew for offshore operations.


To minimise health risks, besides primary and emergency healthcare services, we also provided a proactive solution that included fit-to-work occupational health services. Prior to their deployment, employees went through health checks that were managed and coordinated by our specialised team. This ensured they were medically fit to perform their duties as per OEUK requirements.

In Nouakchott, we brought together several international oil and gas companies to establish a shared medical facility. International SOS operates and manages the facility which offers continuous access to international standards of medical care for their employees. In cases where local onward medical support is not available, the International SOS Assistance Centre also manages the medical evacuation of employees by air ambulance.

Pre-mobilisation occupational health tests are also carried out at the medical facility before employees go offshore. For this specific client, having access to the shared medical facility was especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. We worked closely with them and with the national authorities to ensure appropriate diagnoses and testing for travel.

In Dakar, to respond to the needs of the client and comply with local legislation, we have established a strong partnership with a local healthcare partner. Through this collaboration, our client’s employees have access to the partner’s medical services, with further specialist reviews and admissions to medical facilities arranged via the International SOS Assistance Centre.

We have also mobilised a local Health Coordinator for our client, to ensure the liaison with the local partner and national authorities. This position coordinates all the medical needs of our client’s employees and visitors and provides first aid refresher courses and health promotion sessions for in-country employees. 

We are now also involved in the health impact assessment of this company as part of their corporate social responsibility agenda, aiming to support the local community across these two countries.


Our health partnership with this oil and gas giant ensures that they are continuously fulfilling their duty of care towards their employees. The prevention and management of lost time injuries allows our client to protect their people, reduce risk and save costs. At the peak of the pandemic, they were able to maintain operations and contain COVID-19 cases within the workforce. Our integrated healthcare solutions provide our client with peace of mind while ensuring their business continuity.