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Oil & Gas


Operating in the Oil & Gas sector carries unique challenges, especially when addressing the health and safety of workers on-site. Whether your project is onshore or offshore, your site requires a self-sufficient infrastructure with adequate security and emergency medical care.

As strong believers in simplicity, we can help you confront the complex nature of your operations. We work with you to build a holistic healthcare solution that evolves with your business.

From preventing unnecessary recordable injuries or disembarkations to retaining your staff, our capabilities ensure the wellbeing of your people is protected. We work to increase offshore drilling safety standards, reduce medical costs, enhance HSE performance and maximise your productivity.

The Importance of the Oil & Gas Sector

  • ~55%

    of the world’s energy supply is provided by oil and gas*

  • $3.2T

    is the global net worth of the oil and gas sector**

  • +4.5M

    people employed in the industry which contributes to substantial tax and other types of revenue to governments***

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“Being able to outsource medical services to external experts really helps. It’s even better that we can do this on a global basis. We know that cover is provided wherever needed and everyone is working to the same common practices.”


— Neil Forrest, Director HSSEQ, Seadrill 



  • Reliable Experts for over 35 Years

    We have been a trusted partner to clients in the Oil & Gas sector, providing best-in-class health solutions, for over 35 years. Our approach supports your business continuity agenda, helps reduce lost time and the number of expensive failed assignments, and provides overall cost reduction without compromising on quality.
  • Best-In-Class Medical Personnel

    To ensure your specific needs are met, our medical personnel undergo stringent recruitment, initial training and ongoing professional development. This ensures you are supported by industry experts with one of the lowest turnover rates, for a consistent delivery to your project.
  • Consistency no Matter where you Operate

    To help your business grow, we have built a dedicated infrastructure in key markets around the world. Combining local knowledge within a global network ensures you have a consistent and replicable solution no matter where you operate.