Oil and Gas

International SOS offer comprehensive health and safety solutions for the oil and gas industry. Explore our hazard prevention and risk management services.

Your health services experts

We have an unrivalled understanding of health and safety in the oil and gas industry. We’ve been providing health solutions in your market for 30 years. 

A solution to fit your needs

With a strong focus on the prevention, our integrated medical and security solution provides four main benefits for your company:
  • Support your business continuity agenda at all times by providing timely and quality health care to your employees, increasing their productivity and reducing lost time. Furthermore, by improving on-site diagnostics and care, we also help to reduce the number of expensive failed assignments and limit costly employee replacements.
  • Assist your company to comply with national and international regulations for health and safety in the oil and gas industry, best practices and your client health agenda regarding on-site medical care.
  • Contribute to the enhancement of your HSE performance through a stringent injury and illness case management methodology and support system. This is developed in line with industry standards, such as IADC and OSHA, to help you reduce your LTI’s and recordables.
  • Support your Duty of Care agenda, so as to support your employees’ wellbeing and morale, reducing staff turnover and to further attract newcomers. 


Key components of our solutions

  • Review your medical standards and operating procedures
  • Training and pre-employment medicals for your staff
  • Provision of offshore health experts supported by our 24/7 assistance network
  • Proprietary injury and illness case management
  • Provision of Medical Evacuation Response Planning (MERP)
  • Provision of 24/7 medical assistance as required in case of an evacuation need
  • Clinic services in key bases and the ability to develop solutions upon request
  • Consulting services for example: pandemic plan, site health review, and installation medical gap analysis
  • Provision of return to work advisory services
  • Provision of telemedicine support services