Field trip management

Students only think about the exciting things that can happen when travelling abroad. At International SOS we think about everything else. 

Natural disasters, road accidents, sudden illness and lost passport etc, can happen when your students, faculty, or staff are travelling in another country. How can you ensure they are safe? It is simple. Talk to us. International SOS has established a footprint that stretches around the globe. Over four million calls for assistance keep this network updated in real-time. Over 50% of the Global Top 200 research institutions rely on us to support their students, faculty, and staff abroad.

We will not put your students or staff in contact with any doctor, security specialist, hospital, pharmacy, or any other provider we have not verified. Many of our medical staff have specific qualifications in emergency medicine, advanced paramedic training, mental health, infectious diseases, public health and tropical medicine.

Our involvement in your students’ and staffs’ medical treatment does not end once we give them a name. Our security division is comprised of consultants and analysts with background in intelligence agencies, security management, the military, journalism and academia.

Today, when universities send students abroad, it is to more varied and remote locations. Our staff of security experts are on standby around the world. We watch for any signs of instability that may risk the safety of your students or staff and take immediate steps to protect them.