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Case Study

Medical Assistance for American Student in India



An American student who was on a study abroad programme in a large city in India had fainted and suffered a mild head injury. It is difficult for their school to determine the severity of their injuries. So, International SOS was contacted to provide the best recommendation of a local hospital from our global network.


The standard of medical care in India ranges from near international standards in major cities to limited to zero health services in the more rural areas. In major cities, there are a selected number of private hospitals that offer high standards of medical and nursing care as well as good infection control procedures in place. International SOS works with qualified and vetted providers around the word, including India, so the best possible care is received. 


International SOS arranged an appointment for the student and took care of the medical expenses beforehand to ensure a smooth process for the student. The medical evaluation determined that the student needed to further see a neurologist to receive an MRI and EEG. 


Following the further evaluation, the reports showed no concerning results. The student had a follow up with the neurologist who confirmed that their results were all good and normal. With their symptoms fully resolved and no other health concerns identified, the student was able to return to their normal study abroad activities.