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International SOS’ global services include affordable medical, safety and security planning; preventative programmes; in-country expertise and emergency response for more than 9,000 clients worldwide. We support hundreds of educational institutions globally to achieve their security, health and safety goals.

Our three-step approach helps to prepare students, teachers and trip leaders before departure, supports them while on field study trips, and provides assistance should they have a question or concern.

Before and during travel, year-round, support your school with: 

  1. A dedicated online portal and assistance app with information and analysis of security, safety and medical risks, available to school leadership, trip planning teams and trip leaders.
  2. Access to your own medical and security specialists 24/7 to identify potential risks and offer practical tips and planning for students and teacher safety.
  3. Medical support plans developed in accordance to your school trips destinations that details local plan of action to be taken in case of incident.
  4. Emotional Support services to assist while students, faculty and staff are away from home.
  5. Crisis activation and emergency response no matter what the emergency is.

How it works - an example

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