Operating in the most complex and high-risk environments poses unique health and security threats for your staff and volunteers. 

Our health and security experts, with decades of experience supporting non-profit organisations in remote and urban centres, are on hand to provide advisory and assistance services to ensure the safety of your staff and volunteers. Whether for business, emergency response or delivering long-term projects, our workforce resilience service ensures your people are protected and your operations remain sustainable.


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A Duty of Care solution supporting your unique risks 

We understand that non-profit organisations have a strong Duty of Care obligation to your people. The key components of our solution support your organisation to:

  • Carry out in-depth risk assessments per location
  • Advise on developing agile polices and procedures
  • Increase awareness to senior management and key stakeholders 
  • Proactively communicate with internal staff and volunteers

Our Workforce Resilience service supports your people every step of the way. We help them prepare for layered threat environments, monitor their location, warn them of emerging risks and provide professional health and security expertise.