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Press announcement

Koa Health Partners with International SOS to Enable Global Access to Mental Healthcare Across the Continuum

Koa Health, a leading global provider of digital-first mental healthcare, today announced a new partnership with International SOS, a pioneer, and leader in international health & security risk management solutions, to unlock the value of positive mental health and wellbeing in workplaces everywhere.

Koa Health’s clinically validated mental wellbeing app, Koa Foundations, will become a part of the International SOS mental health ecosystem as the two companies partner together to support employee mental health across the continuum. Koa’s top-ranked, science-based app will be integrated into International SOS’ Workforce Resilience Subscription, making it easy for organisations to boost mental resilience and offer support for everyday mental health challenges to their employees around the world. Reducing individual and business risks and driving positive outcomes for workers and the organisations who employ them.

Available to more than 3 million users worldwide, Koa Foundations is more than a wellbeing app, improving access to mental health support and covering a range of evidence-based interventions and activities from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), Positive Psychology, and more. Koa Foundations has been shown to significantly benefit users in two to four weeks of use, helping them to work through common mental health challenges, such as anxious thoughts and feeling low, stress, burnout, trouble disconnecting, sleep problems, and more. Jennifer Gendron, Chief Commercial Officer at Koa Health, said
For a majority of working adults (up to 75%) (1), traditional pathways to care don’t lead people to the help they need or want. With the shortage of mental healthcare professionals at all-time highs, individuals who lack a formal diagnosis struggle to access the support they need. Due to these constraints, people have to get worse before they can get the help they need to feel better. Business leaders must take action sooner, not later, to support employees’ physical and mental wellbeing to help them bring their best selves to work and beyond.

Dr Oliver Harrison, Chief Executive Officer at Koa Health. said
Mental health impacts every aspect of how we live and work. In challenging times, we are experiencing historic prevalence of mental disorders. In this context, protecting mental health has become a key priority for workers of all ages and backgrounds. Koa Health’s clinically rigorous mental health tools empower employers and health plans to quickly and comprehensively address the full spectrum of health with effective, evidence-based mental health support. By partnering with International SOS, we hope to enable discrete access to care of the highest quality. Together, our partnership aims to address the fact that more than half (2) of individuals experiencing clinical-level mental health challenges do not access care due to concerns about stigma and the efficacy and affordability of treatment. We look forward to bringing access and quality to clients around the world.

Trusted by more than 9,000 organisations, including the majority of the Fortune 500, the International SOS Group of Companies leverages innovative technology and medical and security expertise to focus on prevention, offering real-time, actionable insights and on-the-ground quality delivery to help global organisations fulfill their Duty of Care responsibilities. As a key provider for International SOS’ Workforce Resilience services, Koa Health has been vetted through comprehensive blue-chip security, privacy, and business operations reviews. This allows for streamlined contracting, procurement, and billing through the partnership.

Dr Neil Nerwich, Group Medical Director, International SOS, said

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Koa Health. By adding Koa’s flagship mental wellbeing app to our Workforce Resilience Subscription, we are endorsing the power of timely and proactive mental health support to reduce mental and physical health risks and the incidence of mental illness. It is vital for organisations to prioritise mental health in their workplaces and take an integrated and comprehensive approach by offering proactive care across the continuum from prevention to treatment.

By accessing Koa Foundations through International SOS’ Workforce Resilience Subscription, organisations can quickly and effectively implement a mental wellbeing solution that supports the full range of mental health for all their unique populations while reducing the lift for busy in-house teams.

(1) McKinsey & Company | Using digital tech to support employees’ mental health and resilience

(2) Mental Health Million Project 2021 | Mental Health Has Bigger Challenges Than Stigma Rapid Report

About Koa Health

Koa Health is the leading global provider offering evidence-based, personalized, integrated solutions and services that deliver mental health for everyone. Available to more than 3 million users worldwide, Koa Health addresses the full continuum of mental health needs – from prevention to treatment. Backed by investors such as Telefónica, a consortium advised by Ancora Finance Group, Wellington Partners Life Sciences, and MTIP, Koa Health leverages deep clinical expertise, research, and technology to deliver effective and accessible care that adapts to users’ unique circumstances, leading to lasting behavior change and positive health outcomes across the full continuum of mental health. Koa Health partners with employers, health plans, health systems, and providers worldwide, with its headquarters in the Netherlands and operations in Boston, London, and Barcelona.

Visit or follow us at @KoaHealth on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more.

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About Koa Foundations

Koa Health’s flagship app, Koa Foundations, has been top-ranked by expert mental health reviewers ORCHA and OneMind’s Psyberguide, boasts top user ratings across app stores, and has proven health outcomes in sleep, resilience, and overall wellbeing in just two weeks. Built by leading experts in neuroscience, psychiatry, behavioral therapy, and digital therapeutics, Koa Health’s solutions leverage evidence-based programs such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation techniques, psychoeducation, emotional regulation, and acceptance and commitment training (ACT) to drive health outcomes and deliver long-lasting behavior change. Powered by a proprietary AI recommendation engine, employees have access to a rich library of exclusive, bite-sized educational content, tools, interventions, activities, and games designed to provide an engaging employee benefit for a diverse population.

About the International SOS Group of Companies
The International SOS Group of Companies is in the business of saving lives and protecting your global workforce from health and security threats. Wherever you are, we deliver customised health, security risk management and wellbeing solutions to fuel your growth and productivity. In the event of extreme weather, an epidemic or a security incident, we provide an immediate response providing peace of mind. Our innovative technology and medical and security expertise focus on prevention, offering real-time, actionable insights and on-the-ground quality delivery. We help protect your people, and your organisation's reputation, as well as support your compliance reporting needs. By partnering with us, organisations can fulfil their Duty of Care responsibilities, while empowering business resilience, continuity, and sustainability.

Founded in 1985, the International SOS Group, headquartered in London & Singapore, is trusted by over 9,000 organisations. This includes the majority of the Fortune Global 500. As well as mid-size enterprises, governments, educational institutions, and NGOs. Nearly 12,000 multi-cultural security, medical, logistics and digital experts stand with you to provide support & assistance from over 1,200 locations in 90 countries, 24/7, 365 days. Between them, International SOS employees speak nearly 100 languages and dialects in our Assistance Centres, Clinics, and offices.

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