Hotel Safety


As the world becomes more interconnected and business opportunities spread to new locations around the globe, so do people. With this movement comes concern about employee health and safety in new environments.


Security and healthcare can often be overlooked when hotels are chosen for or by employees, losing out to considerations such as cost and services. However, it is essential that organisations take this into account to meet Duty of Care responsibilities.




Despite ever-evolving risks, only 22% of organisations implement safety and security checks for hotels1, and it is uncertain how robust these are. Beyond a Duty of Care issue, the importance of reviewing and acting on hotel risks becomes particularly evident when considering the potential cost exposure, should the worst happen.  
Hotel Security Advisor provides a robust and scalable solution for organisations around the world.



Hotel Security Advisor provides an ever-increasing database of security assessed hotels, which weigh a hotel’s security measures against its dynamic threat environment. It reviews and analyses security aspects including: political stability, crime, terrorism, social unrest and natural disasters. This analysis is then combined with an individual assessment of a set of critical elements, including hotel profile, vicinity, surveillance, and room security.


Hotels can be vulnerable to attacks because they can represent a potentially ‘soft’ high-profile target compared to government or diplomatic buildings. The more common aspects are also important when evaluating risks, such as knowing the fire safety and evacuation procedures. Petty theft can present a potential security issue as well, because hotels can provide an easy target for thieves and pickpockets.


Hotel Security Advisor is just one feature of our Workforce Resilience service: helping organisations make informed decisions faster, and supports business continuity while working internationally.



We can help you find the right hotel in the right place, at the right time. Our Hotel Risk Review service provides you with the ability to assess a particular hotel in a given location. The outcome of our assessment will also provide you with detailed guidance on the ever-changing threats inside and outside the hotel. Watch the video below to see how we can work with you to choose a safe place to stay:



You can also download our hotel safety pocket guide here.



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