International Assignment Services

Streamline your global mobility programme with the right healthcare & security support

Managing international assignments and localisations is a tough job. Preparing people takes time, research and a lot of supplier management. If assignees have dependents, the complexity grows exponentially. And when you finally make it all work, you need to keep them happy on location – so they can deliver on the goals the business has set for them – otherwise it’s all the way back to the beginning.


Research shows that failed assignments can cost companies in excess of $950,000. Your assignees’ productivity is paramount to success. The company’s bottom line depends on their ability to focus and not be unnecessarily distracted by their next medical appointment or security concern.



With our Workforce Resilience service, you will:

  • Prepare your people for what they will encounter on assignment
  • Deal with only one support solution, no matter where you're sending them
  • Provide support from someone who understands the gap between home and away
  • In the event of a health or security crisis, access the world's leading response service


Benefits - improve your ability to:

  • Convince your people to take an assignment
  • Retain your people on location and help in their localisation
  • Reduce assignment failure rates
  • Ensure your mobile employees are as productive on assignment as they are at home


COVID-19 pandemic response

Have you reviewed your international assignee risk exposure? 

During the pandemic, we observed a number of rapidly emerging needs in the international assignee community:

  • Access to familiar local healthcare providers is no longer an option – TeleConsultation with the ability to prescribe and deliver medication has never been more important – and is likely to remain so.
  • All assignees need the ability to confidentially self-declare health, wellbeing, and security concerns – in order to keep them happy and productive, and remaining in location.
  • The international assignee community will likely be your most vulnerable people as the pandemic progresses – proactive checks and reports on their welfare will give you piece of mind and likely prevent an issue from unnecessarily escalating into a costly evacuation.


Please contact us if you would like to conduct a quick assessment of your risk exposure.


TeleHealth in action during COVID-19 pandemic


Support for you and your international assignees is just one component of our Workforce Resilience service: everything you need to safely manage your global teams while they work around the world.