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Security risk monitoring

Make decisions quicker and respond faster

Threat/Risk Monitoring and Impact Exposure

Relevant Alerts to the Right People at the Right Time

Based on mobile locations, our location-specific alerts provide your people with current and developing health and security alerts impacting their current location. The Assistance App push notifications, about developing incidents or emergencies, quickly notify your people about anything that may affect their health and safety, or cause delays in travel.

Understand the Impact on your People and Assets

During the first moments following a crisis or security incident, quickly understanding the impact that crisis might have on your people, organisation and assets is critical. Use Tracker to quickly locate and communicate with your potentially impacted workforce, including those working and living in the incident area, and those who are visiting or about to travel to the area.

Communicate Quickly with Your Impacted People

Knowing who may be impacted by an incident is one thing; checking in on those who may be impacted is just as important. Use Tracker to send and receive two-way communications via email, SMS, push notifications or text-to-speech to determine the safety and wellbeing of your people in the area.

Workforce Resilience 'The Movie' | Protecting Your People

With the ongoing complexity of global health and security threats, organisations need to be adequately prepared to deal with multiple threats happening simultaneously.


Watch our Workforce Resilience film which shows our features in action as we assist our client's people, and support them with their health and security needs at every step of the way.

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