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Top Health Tips Before Gathering this Summer


For some, deserted shopping malls, restaurants and night clubs, music festivals and grand wedding ceremonies are a distant memory, but for some, mass gatherings have made a re-appearance this summer season. 

Although engaging in social activities can positively impact our mental health resilience, there are important health tips to consider before getting shoulder to shoulder. COVID-19 remains widespread in many locations, and the common cold and influenza thrive from person-to-person contact.  

Before engaging in heavily attended events this summer, take a moment to think about how essential the activity is. If you decide to go ahead, what can you do to reduce your risks?

6 Top Tips to Consider

  • Is the activity indoors? The risk of transmission is higher indoors. If there is an equivalent event being held outdoors, this should be considered as the risk is somewhat lowered.
  • Keep it as short as possible – can you order ahead? click and collect?
  • Continue to practice good hygiene measures by cleaning your hands frequently with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water
  • Wear a mask – N95 or equivalent
  • Are you up to date with vaccinations? Vaccines are still very effective against getting seriously ill with COVID-19
  • If people are coughing, sneezing or obviously sick – keep your distance, and if you can, think about leaving.


Preventing Any Residual Impact

If you have attended a gathering, and considered the measures above, it is important to protect the vulnerable people around you afterwards.

  • Avoid visiting nursing homes or people with immunocompromise for about a week.
  • Think about testing yourself for COVID-19 before having contact with people at higher risk of severe COVID-19.
  • Monitor for symptoms and if they develop, stay home until you have recovered.

A Safe Turn to Mass Events and Gatherings

Returning to the world which we knew pre-COVID-19 is an important step in our social welfare, and community collaboration. The current health risk environment has drastically varied from 2020 and it is important to consider the appropriate health and safety measures before attending events this summer season. By knowing how to protect yourselves and others, you will play a pivotal part in reducing the rate of infections and community spread. 

Our medical experts have been at the fore of predicting, managing and educating our clients on the health risks and pandemics for decades. To discuss how your employees may be impacted, please get in touch.