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Port-Au-Prince, Haiti


Political Unrest in Haiti


For almost 40 years, International SOS has been at the heart of supporting our clients navigate the complexities of crisis. From evacuations, on-the-ground advice, and 24/7 assistance to providing emotional support and enabling inbound movements into the high-risk locations, our priority remains to keep employees safe while enabling organisations to make accurate and data-driven operational decision-making.

As the situation continues to evolve, we encourage our clients to sign up for our latest situational alerts via email, through the Assistance App, via our Online Portal
Below you will find our situation update, capability summary, and organisational advice as well as access to our podcast episode featuring our security, medical, and operational experts.


Due to a surge in gang violence in Haiti, a state of emergency has been declared in the country. The acts of violence have resulted in the closure of ports, cessation of flights and other important operational disruptions. The security environment remains challenging. International SOS is assisting impacted clients in the area.

  • Communications & electricity: Access to communications and electricity is variable in the city, though this is in keeping with the general power infrastructure nationwide. Disruption has not notably impacted communication with clients and security partners.
  • Roads: Roads within and connecting Port-au-Prince with the rest of the country have seen significant roadblocks limiting ground movement and are dangerous according to local partners. Roads in other cities and away from the capital are open.
  • Airport status/Commercial flights: Haitian authorities have not issued NOTAMs impacting airports or airspace. Commercial flights are cancelled nationwide due to gang attacks on airports, and aircraft (both on the ground and in air). Dominican authorities have closed the airspace from Haiti through at least 5 April, though some exceptions have been made.
  • Seaports: The main seaport of Port-au-Prince has been re-taken by Haitian police, however areas near the facility are gang-controlled and safe travel is not believed to be feasible. Other seaports throughout the country are open and operating with minimal disruption.
  • Essential supplies: Shortages of food, water and fuel have been reported in Port-au-Prince.
  • Healthcare: Due to the unstable security situation in Haiti, the capabilities of medical providers are highly subject to change.
  • Medical Assessment: The medical risk rating prior to the current political unrest was and continues to be EXTREME. Access to quality medical care was already limited, with shortages of essential equipment and medical supplies. Existing infectious disease risks, including cholera and vector-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria, may increase.


For organisations impacted by the unrest, we advise to consider the following:

Inbound Travellers

  • Defer all travel to Haiti.

Remaining In-Country Workforce

  • Those in Haiti should depart the country as soon as feasible to do so safely.
  • Any land or aviation movement into or from Port-au-Prince requires sophisticated and advance security and contingency planning and should only be undertaken following a thorough risk assessment. Contact International SOS for consultation regarding any such plans.
  • For those within the capital, stand-fast, ensuring access to essential provisions.
  • Take all necessary personal preparedness steps for a potential move. 
  • Remain informed of the latest developments via verified sources, including International SOS alerts, diplomatic missions, security providers and local contacts. Do not act upon unverified information.
  • Remain prepared to respond to a potential increase in security threats including looting and more widespread clashes. 

This statement is intended solely for general information purposes. It is not intended to amount to advice. The situation is rapidly evolving and International SOS capabilities may change without notice as the situation evolves. International SOS does not accept any liability whatsoever for use of this statement for any alternative purpose. Any International SOS services referred to within the statement are available exclusively to International SOS clients.

International SOS is the owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights in this statement. Any information, content, material, detail, graphic, file, data, text, image, digital picture, or any visual being displayed in this statement shall not be reproduced, modified, distributed, communicated or published either by electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the permission express written consent of International SOS.

This statement has been prepared on an “as available” basis. The situation is rapidly evolving and our capabilities may change without notice as the situation evolves. International SOS makes no representations or warranties whatsoever regarding this statement being error free, and hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, of any kind, regarding the information herein including any implied warranties as to fitness for a particular purpose, title, noninfringement, results, accuracy, completeness, suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness or quality. If applicable law does not allow for the exclusion of some or all of the above implied warranties, the forementioned exclusions will apply to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

This statement is compiled from sources that International SOS considers to be reliable or are expressions of opinion. International SOS has made reasonable commercial efforts to ensure the accuracy of information contained herein, however, the information includes reasonable judgments in the circumstances prevailing at the time. The statement is used at your own risk, and International SOS is not responsible for any decision, nor the outcome of any decision, consequent upon the information herein. International SOS does not guarantee that the content of this statement will be updated and may suspend, withdraw or restrict the availability of all or any part of this statement at any time.