International SOS Foundation: Ambassador of Duty of Care

Launched in October 2011, the International SOS Foundation has the goal of improving the safety, health and wellbeing of people working abroad or on remote assignments through the study, understanding and mitigation of potential risks. Started with a grant from International SOS, it is an independent, not-for-profit organisation.

Our mission is to:

  • Study the potential health, and safety risks linked to international travel and remote assignments.
  • Provide information to governments, employers, workers and contractors on the aforementioned risks.
  • Encourage employers to develop and strengthen their corporate social responsibility in areas in proximity to their worksite.
  • Encourage the development of an international instrument to address the prevention and mitigation of the aforementioned risks as well as guidance on what should be done when an accident, illness or security situation occurs.
  • Provide a means of wide-spread dissemination of information on the aforementioned risks using communications including: white papers, web-based publications, scientific articles, books, films, meetings and seminars.
  • Conduct other activities in furtherance of the goal as determined by the board of the Foundation.