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Our Journey

We have been helping to save lives for nearly 40 years.


The world has changed dramatically, and we have changed with it. Today’s global business leaders know they need to plan well and prepare their organisation, not just react when something goes wrong.

Co-Founder and Group Medical Director, Dr Pascal Rey-Herme.

Our story began almost 40 years ago. While working at the French Embassy in Jakarta in the early 1980s, Pascal Rey-Herme, a French doctor spotted a real need: How to deliver international standards of healthcare and emergency medical assistance to the wider expatriate community and international organisations in the region. He discussed his ideas with his childhood friend, senior businessman, Arnaud Vaissié. 

In 1985, they set up AEA International. Its purpose was to provide clients with access to local assistance services, clinics, centres of medical excellence, and evacuations when needed. Starting with just 15 staff, AEA International grew rapidly from its base in Singapore and Indonesia into a pan-Asian corporation. In 1998, AEA International acquired International SOS Assistance, and the business was renamed International SOS.

Over the years, International SOS spread across the globe. As well as expanding geographically, it also expanded its services. Thanks to a series of key acquisitions, and strategic partnerships with leading organisations, we are now able to deliver health, safety and security across the world.


We have been privileged to offer assistance before and during the many global events that have occurred in recent years. From major disease outbreaks, such as SARS and the COVID-19 pandemic, to happier international gatherings, such as the Beijing Olympics, we have been closely involved in providing health, safety and security assistance.