Assessing your organisation's pandemic preparedness

Throughout the pandemic, organisations like yours have been challenged in how to effectively protect your workforce during such turbulent times. What remains clear is that preparedness remains a critical factor for ensuring resilience. 


Our health and security experts have put together a 23 question self-assessment to help gauge your organisations level of preparedness in managing a future pandemic or crisis. Upon completion of the tool, you will receive a report that articulates your results alongside guided recommendations which you can take directly to management. The assessment aims to help your organisation put the appropriate measures in place to help mitigate risks to your global workforce and operations should a pandemic or crisis arise.


Pandemic preparedness report

 The assessment reviews:

  1. Your preparedness in managing a future pandemic or crisis
  2. Prevention measures to reduce the impact of a crisis or pandemic
  3. Ongoing monitoring / support post-pandemic or crisis

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