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Case Study

Medical Escort for 24 Students on a School Trip in Malaysia



Amidst an outbreak, two dozen students fell ill on a school bus trip and needed medical attention. Learn more about how International SOS Malaysia provided medical support for the students on the road and ensured their smooth and safe return home.


24 students on a school trip in Gopeng, Perak (Malaysia), had fallen ill the same day before returning to Singapore. The students who experienced vomiting, diarrhoea and fever needed medical support to ensure a safe return to Singapore without a diversion to a hospital.


Upon contacting our Assistance Centre in Kuala Lumpur, an Escort Doctor was deployed with a medical equipment bag to join the school bus approaching Kuala Lumpur from Gopeng. Our doctor accompanied the sick students to manage their symptoms until the state of Johor Bahru, after which the bus crossed safely into Singapore with the students arriving home to their families without delay.


By dispatching our doctor to join a bus mid-journey on a long trip, combined with the challenge of treating a large number of students on the road, we demonstrated our agility and flexibility in providing medical care and medical supply quickly. In so doing, the school ensured their students were given medical attention without further disruptions whilst ensuring their safe return home.