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carbon-free hydrogen

Case Study

Hydrogen to Health: Tailored Medical Solutions for Remote Operations



Partnering with International SOS Consulting, an EPC contractor with a worldwide presence and significant operations in KSA embarked on a project aimed at producing carbon-free hydrogen. To achieve this goal, the company established a series of power-generating and processing facilities along the west coast of KSA, with a specific emphasis on the northwest region.


The client sought to enhance their remote site operations and address medical emergencies and routine medical care for their employees. However, they faced uncertainty regarding the availability of medical facilities in the northwest of KSA and required guidance on establishing the appropriate on-site medical setup (MedSite).


As part of our services, our health consultant conducted a survey of local medical facilities to assess their capabilities in providing critical care, medical transportation, emergency medical stabilisation, and dental care. Additionally, they evaluated the existing on-site medical provisions. Using this data, our consultant devised a comprehensive and well-structured set of recommendations for the client to effectively oversee the health and wellbeing of their employees at the site.


After the comprehensive Site Health Review, the client's confidence in managing medical cases at their site significantly increased. Consequently, the client felt not only informed but genuinely empowered to make strategic, well-informed decisions regarding healthcare service management at their site. Through our implemented recommendations, 2.5K employees benefitted across all sites from our tailored medical solutions and the client saved $60K annually.