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An on-site medical set-up designed to support clients operating in remote site environments.

We offer dedicated primary and emergency healthcare services along with quality medical supplies. They are supported by our unique clinical reach-back infrastructure for remote supervision.

Our services are enabled through Electronic Medical Records, digital telemedicine, a Medical Transportation Plan for off-site patient movement, and Health Toolkits on-site.

  • 500+

    onshore remote MedSites supporting clients in the oil, gas, renewable energy, mining, and infrastructure sectors

  • 250+

    offshore MedSites including additional support through specialised remote teams to provide guidance in treatment protocols (Topside Support) to help reduce recordable incidents, in accordance with industry-specific injury & illness case management

Our Solution Includes:

  • On-site Healthcare Professional

    Our team of experienced healthcare professionals, vetted by a stringent recruiting system, provides a world-class standard of primary and emergency care.

  • On-site Medical Supplies

    We support you with sourcing quality medical supplies for each MedSite, in compliance with local and industry regulations. Leveraging our medical and supply chain expertise, we help to manage your medical supply inventory in the most optimal way.

  • MedSite Respond

    MedSite Respond is a proactive health risk mitigation solution that is coupled with every dedicated On-site Healthcare Professional at a client’s workplace and is delivered by a designated International SOS Response Centre.

We do not only place medical staff on site, but we continuously manage, supervise and support them to ensure that we consistently deliver a high-quality standard of medical care across all of our MedSites worldwide.

Benefits to you and your Organisation

  • Proactive Approach for Risk Mitigation & Peace of Mind

  • Return on Investment through Increased Productivity & Cost-Reductions

  • Consistency in Delivery of Quality Medical Care

  • Single-Solution Provider for Your Unique Needs

Why Partner with International SOS

  • World-Class Standard of Medical Care

    With us, you gain access to a team of primary and emergency care experts and medical specialists - equipped with multilingual capability and backed by the highest level of clinical governance, management and training.
  • Global Footprint

    We support organisations operating in more than 900 remote and isolated geographic locations that often lack proper medical infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive & Bespoke Solutions

    Our solutions are customised to meet the unique needs of each client, plus our solutions are medically led and evidence-based.