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For three decades, the world’s most prominent companies have relied on us to provide value-added brand loyalty, concierge and assistance solutions to engage their customers.  Find out more here.


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MedAire provides aviation and maritime crew members and passengers with fully integrated medical and security solutions. With one phone call, MedAire offers 24/7 access to emergency care doctors and security specialists any time of day, from anywhere in the world.  Find our more here.



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Iqarus provides fully integrated healthcare solutions in complex and demanding operating environments. Operating across the medical spectrum from primary care and occupational health, to advanced pre-hospital trauma care, through to full scale laboratory, radiological, diagnostic and surgical capabilities. Find out more here.



International SOS is the worldwide registered trademark for the diverse group of companies operating under the International SOS trademark umbrella. The parent holding company is AEA International Holdings, Pte. Ltd. which is incorporated in Singapore and operates under Singapore law. The group of International SOS companies began as AEA International in 1985 in Singapore to provide emergency medical assistance services in Southeast Asia. Today, AEA International Holdings Pte. Ltd. has expanded, with subsidiary companies around the globe. These operating companies are the back bone which provides the medical assistance, security, evacuation, travel and consulting services described in this website. In order to comply with applicable local laws, these services are provided through many locally incorporated subsidiary companies and subcontracted affiliates and partners, including hospitals and clinics, serving the needs of International SOS customers in 90 countries. This structure ensures that each International SOS affiliated company or subsidiary operates independently under the laws, customs and regulations specified by the countries in which we operate.  There are over 250 company affiliates in the International SOS branded network, which employ over 12,000 employees to fully meet the needs of International SOS subscribers. Our 27 Assistance Centres have the expertise to direct subscribers in need of aide to the most capable local provider.