International SOS difference

Local knowledge on a global scale

The true risk of so many differing environments around the world can only be assessed by our unrivalled local knowledge and experience gained from our in-country presence. Only through our unique Assistance Centre footprint (ISO9001:2008 accredited), is it possible to provide real-time health and security advice or support, in a language your employees are most comfortable speaking. We speak 99 different languages and dialects and every case is managed to full resolution via our single global case management platform.


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A single point of contact for health and security

We understand that health situations can include security issues and vice versa. We can help you put in place an integrated health and security policy and procedure that is supported by one provider and a single-point-of-contact for your employees.

Our advice is only designed to help organisations achieve their goals. Therefore, the information and advice we provide is based on known facts; it is uninfluenced by political agendas or rumours. Helping you to make business-appropriate and well-informed decisions.

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An employee benefit

Establishing a relationship with International SOS, has become a key part of thousands of organisations’ employee benefits programme. Helping you to build your reputation as an employer with employee wellbeing at its heart.

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Return on prevention

In 2011, The International SOS Foundation released a first-of-its-kind benchmarking study into the adoption of duty-of-care practices around the world; insurance was found to be no longer enough when it comes to ensuring the health and safety of a workforce. The study has since been put into action – forming the world’s first Global Framework – which provides strategic guidance on how to identify the risks workforces face and where preventive programmes can be put into place to ensure the safety, health and security of employees no matter where they are.

Our research shows that organisations who invest in prevention programmes commonly experience both direct and indirect cost benefits. We can work with you to ensure your programme(s) achieve the same. See our latest research and studies here

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Helping & protecting you is our priority

Your subscription with us gives you access to 24/7 worldwide health, security, travel and emergency assistance in your daily life as well as in emergency situations. You can access our services digitally or call our Assistance Centres.


We are assisting you with our teams of multilingual doctors, nurses, security and logistics experts. There is open access to our professionals, and it is free for our subscribers to speak with us.

If you are an existing client with a medical or security question/concern, please call one of our Assistance Centres for support.