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Site Ready

Planning & preparedness for your site workforce healthcare needs.


A proactive health risk mitigation solution to provide planning tools and remote advisory support for the medically indicated movement of a patient to a pre-identified medical facility, usually within the country of your Site operations.

Our solution is designed for organisations that directly employ their own on-site medical care while operating in remote and challenging areas (e.g. offshore environments) and/or in highly regulated industries (e.g. Oil & Gas).


Remote Advisory

We provide advice to the nominated Client representatives with responsibility for the site on the likely healthcare needs of a medical case once the client medical professional has determined that an offsite medical transportation is required.

Remote advisory is delivered through a designated International SOS Response Centre and draws on our understanding of the local healthcare environment and patient’s medical needs.

Medical Transportation Plan

A Medical Transportation Plan is developed for each Site to ensure that any medical requirements for a patient to be moved from the site (off-site) are anticipated, handled in a structured manner, and best managed from a medical, operational and cost-point perspective.

The Medical Transportation Plan sets out the healthcare pathway for where the patient care is handed over. The chosen location is tailored to your Site’s operational environment and specificities, drawing upon our medical intelligence on the local provider network.

With more than 30 years' experience providing remote & on-site support to clients in the remote onshore and offshore, mining and infrastructure industries, we have developed a strong understanding of your working environments and medical needs. We currently support more than 300 offshore and 700 onshore sites globally.


  • Comprehensive & Bespoke Solutions

    Our solutions are customised to meet the unique needs of each client, plus our solutions are medically led and evidence-based.
  • Global Footprint

    We support organisations operating in more than 900 remote and isolated geographic locations that often lack proper medical infrastructure.
  • World-Class Standard of Medical Care

    With us, you gain access to a team of primary and emergency care experts and medical specialists - equipped with multilingual capability and backed by the highest level of clinical governance, management and training.