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Safe Stays, Confident Travellers

Safe Accommodation Services

Increasing rates of travel, the launch of ISO 31030 and recent security conflicts have magnified the need for our clients to assess the safety and security of accommodations used by their travellers and assignees. 

Our long-standing expertise in managing hotel incidents (e.g. Nairobi, Mumbai, Bamako, Ouagadougou, Jakarta), and operational capability in varying risk environments, best positions us to provide accommodation-related support for our clients.

As part of your organisations Duty of Care responsibilities, your travellers should be equipped with the knowledge to proactively protect themselves from potential risks while staying within their accommodation.
Despite ever-evolving risks, only 22% of organisations implement safety and security checks for hotels. 


We enable organisations to mitigate security and health risks to their people by providing safe and secure accommodation services aligned to ISO 31030.

Workforce Resilience

  • Access to a vetted, security-assessed hotel database via Hotel Security Advisor
  • Safe accommodation training through our Digital Learning Portfolio
  • Trip and accommodation information monitored in Tracker

24/7 Assistance

  • 24/7 access to safe accommodation advice
  • Speak to a security expert about any accommodation in the event of an incident
  • Journey management support to and from your accommodation with active monitoring for high-risk locations


  • In-depth analysis and on-the-ground risk review of a specific hotel
  • Bespoke vetted hotel database based on your operational locations
  • Personalised accommodation recommendations for your assignees