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Military, Policing & Border Forces

Through our extensive work with Military, Policing & Border Forces around the world, International SOS understands the unique operational medical requirements, command structures and detailed Health Support Plans required to support operations and exercises. 

We work closely with governments and IGOs to support the achievement of strategic outcomes, mitigate health risks for deployed forces, provide realistic first aid combat training and provide medical assistance for training exercises. 

In complex and demanding environments we deploy alongside active military forces on peacekeeping missions through our wholly owned military and humanitarian subsidiary, Iqarus.

We support military, policing and border force operations and training exercises through deployed and local Medical Services, access to 24/7 Global Medical Assistance, and robust clinical and corporate governance structures.

Deployed Medical Services to Support Regional Operations

International SOS has the local and global capacity to support missions in complex and demanding environments. We have established medical clinics in developing countries to support long-term operations, for example in Papua New Guinea and Africa. We have also rapidly deployed alongside active military forces on peacekeeping missions, for example with the Australian Defence Force, Swedish Armed Forces and NATO. We guarantee excellence even in complex operating environments by deploying medical services alongside diplomatic, military, policing and border force operations on the ground, and through our 24/7 global assistance centres around the world. International SOS also deploys medical services on patrol vessels (for the US Army in the Pacific) and on global maritime and shipping vessels.

Providing Medical Services and Supplies to the Aid and Development Sector

International SOS has an accredited and efficient medical procurement supply chain in place, operating in accordance with WHO standards and ISO 9001:2015. We support governments, Inter-Governmental Organisations such as NATO and a number of UN agencies as well as Non-Governmental Organisations, from national to state level. We have the capability to supply pharmaceuticals, vaccines, surgical and medical equipment, medical consumables, first aid supplies, medical infrastructure (full clinic fit out) and medical kits worldwide. Streamlined logistics, highly trained experts, the right cloud solutions and advanced analytics with data visualisation, enable us to provide smarter and more efficient solutions. Click below to read how International SOS can support your projects with medical supply.
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Support to Military Training Exercises

International SOS is a member of the Australian Defence Force’s Field Exercise Medical Support panel and has provided medical support to military exercises across Australia. Our unique experiences delivering medical services in remote and complex environments, combined with our 24/7 Assistance Centre in Sydney, and emergency evacuation arrangements, provides unmatched medical support for military and police training operations. We also provide first aid training in complex environments. Since 2018, over 13,000 members of the ADF successfully completed Combat Casualty Care training at Al Minhad Airforce Base (AMAB) through Iqarus, our wholly owned subsidiary delivering combat medical training for the International SOS Group. 


Iqarus specialises in delivering high standards of medical care in the world’s most challenging operating environments. Working side by side with governments, IGOs, NGOs and military forces, Iqarus delivers innovative and scalable turnkey medical solutions from an individual medic to Damage Control Surgical Units and full-scale field hospitals. However remote or high-risk the environment, Iqarus can provide a rapidly deployable solution.

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