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Governments, military and international organisations' personnel abroad are often exposed to threats and dangers that private citizens only rarely come across. In addition, they are also regular participants in public health programmes or sent to austere remote parts of the world, again heightening their exposure to potential infection and increased likelihood of having a culturally unfamiliar care experience.

All these factors, often in countries with a comparatively undeveloped infrastructure of their own, make enabling access to high-quality medical resources essential for the individuals concerned, and for their organisations.

Clearly, certain risks are higher in some countries than elsewhere – it is not just the risks of disease, unrest and natural disaster that are more prevalent in some areas, but also of exposure to the heightened crime and accident rates that can affect some regions.

This is where International SOS comes into play. We provide specialised and innovative services for  different types of governmental organisations. These are designed to ensure quality healthcare outcomes and reduce medical risks. Leveraging our extensive infrastructure, and working side-by-side with hundreds of government organisations, we offer a rapidly deployable, boots-on-the-ground presence with proven in-the-field expertise.

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  • An Established Global Infrastructure

    Our expertise is unique: 13,000 employees are led by over 5,700 medical professionals and 3,200 security specialists. We also have access to an accredited network of 103,000 providers. Teams work night and day to protect your staff, providing you with a global infrastructure you can depend on. We are here to help you mitigate your risks and their associated costs. And because this infrastructure is already well-established, we are able to provide you with support at very competitive rates.
  • Rapidly Deployable and Boots-on-the-Ground Presence

    International SOS has a local presence on a global scale. With us, you can assess the true risk of working overseas through our unrivalled in-country presence, including in remote and austere locations. We can provide your people with the necessary real-time health or security advice and support, no matter where they are located.
  • Consultative Approach

    When it comes to health and security, every location is different. The same applies to government agencies; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. What works in terms of government advice may not be appropriate for certain areas where the level of risk is an altogether more complex proposition. Therefore, our approach is consultative. The services you use are tailored depending on your specific needs.

Bahraini Ministry of Health at International SOS

We were delighted to welcome the delegates from the Bahraini Ministry of Health at the International SOS London Assistance Centre.


Throughout the visit, H.E. Lieutenant General Doctor Sheikh Mohamed Bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Health, accompanied by H.E. Sheikh Col. Khalid Hamad AlKhalifa, Assistant Commander of King Hamad University Hospital, and H.E. Dr. Jaleela bint AlSayed Jawad Hasan, Minister of Health, along with the rest of the accompanying team explored various areas of collaboration, knowledge transfer, and areas of interest between the Kingdom of Bahrain, and International SOS.


It was a great pleasure to share our global expertise and explore potential engagements in the near future.